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Metal Ingot is one of the strongest materials in Raft, as it allows you to craft various metal tools with high durability and damage.

You also need Metal Ingots if you wish to completely stop the shark attack.

In this guide, we’ll show the two ways to get Metal Ingot in Raft.

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To get Metal Ingot in Raft, smelt Metal Ore using either a Smelter or an Electrical Smelter. You can also get Metal Ingot from loot boxes.

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How to Get Metal Ingot in Raft

There are two ways to get Metal Ingots in Raft:

  • Smelt Metal Ore in either type of Smelter
  • From loot boxes

While obtaining Metal Ingots from loot boxes requires some luck, smelting Metal Ore is a guaranteed method of getting Metal Ingots and, thus, is the primary way to get them.

To find Metal Ores, dive into the ocean around islands and search for the dark cyan ore nodes on the ocean floor.

Next, return to your raft and put those ores into a Smelter.

After 80 seconds, the Metal Ore becomes Metal Ingot, regardless of the Smelter type.

You can now get the Metal Ingot out of the Smelter by pressing “E”, just like with other smelted items.

Another way to get Metal Ingots is from loot boxes.

There are 10 loot box types in Raft, but only two of them can give you Metal Ingots:

  • Radio Tower Loot Box: 7.2%
  • Metal Loot Box: 13.5%

The Radio Tower Loot Box can be found on most islands (even story islands), while the Metal Loot Box spawns mostly on story islands.

That’s how to get Metal Ingot in Raft!

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