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In the first few days of Raft, barrels are your best friends, providing a lot of resources when collected.

Besides essential resources like Planks and Leaves, you also have a small chance to receive two of your first blueprints. They are blueprints for the Antenna and the Receiver.

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Upon picking them up, you see nothing but a lot of data and dimensions of the structures in the blueprints. So, what do you do with blueprints, you may ask?

You don’t need to do anything with blueprints in Raft, as they are automatically used when you pick them up, granting you new recipes.

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What to Do with Blueprints in Raft?

As discussed in our previous guide, in the early versions of Raft, you had to put blueprints in the Research Table to research them in order to learn new locked recipes.

However, the blueprint researching step was removed in update 10, making it easier to manage your inventory, as well as eliminating the chance of accidentally throwing new blueprints into the ocean.

Now, you only need to pick blueprints up, and the new recipes they possess will automatically be unlocked.

What you need to do next is to check the Research Table and research the required component items for those new recipes.

With the new update, all usages of blueprints in Raft were removed. You can’t even use them as fuel or put them in the Recycler.

So, if you’re running out of inventory spaces, feel free to drop blueprints on the ground or throw them into the ocean.

While many players prefer keeping blueprints in chests as collectibles, we personally throw them away or put them in the Trash Can to delete them.

That’s what to do with blueprints in Raft!

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