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One of the things that most of the RimWorld fans have been waiting for since it came out in 2013 has been babies and pregnancies.

You can get married, so why not be able to make babies? The answer would be that your main quest in this dangerous RimWorld is escaping the planet, so babies wouldn’t make sense.

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However, with the addition of the Biotech DLC, players can create new types of humans and aliens, so why not be able to get pregnant?

So, the real question we will answer today is: Can colonists/pawns get pregnant in RimWorld?

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How to get your Colonists/Pawns Pregnant in RimWorld

Yes, colonists/pawns can get pregnant in RimWorld if you have the Biotech DLC. Not only will you be able to get one of your pawns pregnant, but you can also grow babies in growth vats and perform surrogacy pregnancies.

To get one of your colonists pregnant naturally in RimWorld, you need to first get them in a couple and have a double bed ready for them.

If they sleep together, there is a chance that they will initiate “lovin’,” which can result in a pregnancy.

To increase the chance that your pawns will get pregnant, all you have to do is select the couple that you are trying to get a baby from and open their Social menu from the bottom left corner of the screen.

Click the white heart next to the name of their lover, fiancee, or spouse, and change from normal pregnancy to “Try for baby.” This will increase your chance of getting a baby by 400%.

Female pawns will also have a higher chance of getting pregnant when they are between 20 and 30 years old. Once they get over 40, they will have an incredibly slim chance of getting pregnant again, which becomes 0 when they turn 50.

Once a colonist gets pregnant, you will only have to wait 18 days for the pregnancy to end.

That’s everything you need to know about colonists/pawns getting pregnant in RimWorld!

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