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As you spend more and more time in your RimWorld, you might finally get the quest to build a spaceship and get out of there.

Just making a spaceship can be incredibly hard for some players, but actually leaving can be a mystery to most of us.

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If you never reached this point in your playthroughs before, we will help you out.

Here is exactly what happens after you build a ship and leave the planet in RimWorld.

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What Happens After You Build a Ship in RimWorld

When you spend a long time in RimWorld (around 20 days), you might get a quest to make a spaceship (or board a noble spaceship) and leave the planet.

However, if you play with Randy Random, you have a high chance of getting this quest in the first days.

If you just build the spaceship, nothing will happen. It will just stay there. To actually start the quest to leave the planet, you will have to activate the reactor.

Once you activate the reactor, you will spend 15 days fighting constant raids until you can finally put your pawns into cryogenic sleep and leave the planet.

What Happens When You Leave the Planet in RimWorld

When you board the spaceship and leave, you will get the end-game credits and a list of all the pawns that died during your playthrough.

You will also see this message:

“You’ve launched the ship! Your AI will now try to guide the ship to a safe place. It might find a prosperous planet for you in this system, Or, it may undertake a centuries-long journey to another star. It might even decide to hide under ice on an asteroid for a few thousand years, waiting for someone to build a new glitterworld there. You’ll find out when you wake up.”

After the end of the credits, you will have a choice to either continue playing as the people that you left behind or go to the main menu.

So, if you don’t want to abandon your colony forever, you should just send one pawn on the spaceship to see the ending, and then you can continue playing normally.

Now that we have babies in RimWorld, you can live forever in your incredible colony.

Otherwise, you can get a mod that will simulate your flight toward a different planet. There are a few different mods that either continue the game after the launch or just save your pawns to start a new game on a new RimWorld.

That’s everything you need to know about what happens after you build a ship in RimWorld!

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