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In RimWorld, players can get so many colonists that they will have no idea where to put them anymore. And this stands for prisoners as well.

Either due to raids, annoying merchants, or just pure fun, you will end up imprisoning a lot of pawns in RimWorld.

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However, you might be wondering what exactly you can do with them now that they have been locked up in their little prison.

Well, here is exactly what you can do with your prisoners in RimWorld.

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What to do with Prisoners in RimWorld

There are a couple of actions you can choose your warden to take regarding your prisoners in RimWorld:

  • Recruit
  • Reduce resistance
  • Release
  • Execute
  • Enslave
  • Reduce will
  • Convert
  • Bloodfeed
  • Hemogen Farm

These are all the actions you can choose to take when it comes to your prisoners in RimWorld, and all of them are useful depending on what you want to do.

Recruit and Reduce Resistance

The basic one that most players will try is to recruit their prisoners. If you have just started the playthrough and need more people to help you out, you will need to recruit one or two prisoners.

To recruit a prisoner into your settlement in RimWorld, you will need to reduce their resistance. This is why the choice to just reduce resistance is unnecessary if you want to recruit a prisoner.

By selecting the Recruit option for your prisoner, the warden will reduce their resistance automatically until they can recruit that hostile pawn.


If you captured someone during a battle or raid, you can then imprison them for various reasons. After you have captured someone, healed them, and fed them, you could realize that you don’t want them anymore.

This is when the Release action can be very useful, as you can just get rid of the prisoner at any time. You will get a friendship bonus with their faction as well.

To increase your relationship with their faction, however, you will need to have properly healed their settler. If they leave your map healthy and healed up, you will get that friendship boon with their faction.


This option is used best when you don’t want to take care of your prisoner. This can be useful if you have an ideology that will give you moodlet boosts when you execute guilty prisoners.

Enslave and Reduce Will (Ideology DLC)

These actions work the same as Recruit and Reduce resistance. However, the result is very different.

Again, you don’t actually need to select the Reduce will action if you want to enslave a prisoner, as you can just select the Enslave option.

It is much easier to enslave a prisoner in RimWorld than it is to recruit them. However, it is much more annoying to take care of a slave than a normal pawn.

You will have to beat them up all the time to keep their will down. On the other hand, you can make some money selling your slaves, but this will also upset your other colonists.

Convert (Ideology DLC)

This is incredibly important to do if you plan on recruiting a prisoner into your settlement in RimWorld.

Though pawns can slowly convert each other through random dialogs, you can simply put your warden to work and convert a prisoner to your ideology within a few days.

Every time you plan on recruiting a pawn into your colony, make sure you first convert them to your ideology.

Bloodfeed and Hemogen Farm (Biotech DLC)

With the Biotech DLC, we have also received vampires in RimWorld. Vampires will need a constant source of blood/hemogen to keep them going.

Otherwise, they will end up endlessly deathresting. So, to fix this, you either keep a prisoner that will work as a living meal for your Sanguophage or as a living blood bank.

If you have the possibility to do so, it is much better to use the Hemogen Farm action, as you can also train your Medicine skill while extracting blood from your prisoners.

What should you do with Prisoners in RimWorld

All of the actions are relevant depending on your playthrough. So, depending on your circumstances, you should use which option sounds best for you.

Otherwise, the best actions you should use are, in order of priority:

  • Convert
  • Recruit
  • Hemogen Farm
  • Release

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with prisoners in RimWorld!

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