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Building a mountain base in RimWorld is very fun and enjoyable. It allows you to defend very well from external threats and provides you with safe shelter from the crazy weather.

However, the developers probably realized that the life of a dwarf is too easy, so they added in random infestations that can pop up inside mountains.

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There are many reasons that these infestations appear, but your main priority is to stop them from ever appearing.

Here is how you can prevent infestations from spawning in your mountain base in RimWorld.

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How Infestations can Spawn in RimWorld

Infestations can spawn in RimWorld at random inside caves. Here are the exact requirements that a space has to meet for an infestation to start there:

  • Area larger than one tile with overhead mountain roof
  • Within 30 tiles of a colony building
  • Temperature over -17°C/1.4°F

When an infestation spawns, it brings a hive and insects with it. The hive won’t appear at the center of the infestation area, and the number of insects will be dependent on your colony wealth and in-game years.

An infestation works exactly the same as a raid would. It’s an event that spawns enemies, and the number of hostiles is equivalent to your colony’s stats.

Infestations can also spawn from deep drilling, which can be quite problematic. This means that even normal colonies can deal with the dangers of infestations.

There is also a quest where infestations can spawn, and it won’t matter if you have no caves on the map. They will spawn outside just to fulfill the quest.

How to Prevent Infestations in RimWorld

Unfortunately, as long as you plan to have a mountain base in RimWorld, there is no way to properly prevent infestations.

Since xenotypes are a thing, you can make a colony of people that are incredibly resistant to cold. If you did and you used coolers to get the temperature around the base at -20°C/-4°F, then you would be able to prevent infestations in your mountain base.

Otherwise, you can try to bring down the roofs of the mountain and build normal roofs overhead, but this will just make your mountain base a regular base.

However, the best way to prevent infestations in RimWorld is to just disable them. You can disable infestations when setting up a new game/world when you reach the factions options.

Players can disable both infestations and mech raids by just eliminating the Insect geneline and the Mechanoid hive factions from the menu.

By just getting rid of insects altogether, you can build a beautiful mountain base that won’t have to deal with constant infestations.

That’s everything you need to know about how to prevent infestations in RimWorld!

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