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Depending on your starting location, RimWorld can be incredibly hard or just plain hard. Luckily, you can choose where you land on this hostile planet.

Some players like to do things differently, though, and might like to try out a desert or polar biome from time to time.

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In those circumstances, players will need to adapt and give their pawns the best possible clothes to protect them from heat strokes and hypothermia.

To help you combat horrible climates, here are the best clothes that you can use to protect your pawns from heat and cold in RimWorld.

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Best Clothes for Heat Insulation in RimWorld

Heat is a common problem on maps closer to the center of the world. If you want to grow crops the whole year, then very high temperatures are a common occurrence.

Luckily, there are a few clothes and materials that can easily fix any kind of overheating problems for your colonists in RimWorld.

For heat insulation clothing, all clothes should be made from devilstrand. Yes, hyperweave can increase the insulation by around one degree, but it’s not a growable resource.

So, here is a list of the best clothes made out of devilstrand for heat insulation in RimWorld, along with their heat protection stats:

ClothingBody PartHeat Insulation
Cowboy hatHead+13°C/23.4°F
SashMiddle Layer+2.4°C/4.3°F
DusterOuter Layer+20.4°C/36.7°F
CapeOuter Layer+20.4°C/36.7°F
Button-down shirtShirt+2.4°C/4.3°F

A single colonist wearing these clothes will get +40°C/72°F maximum comfortable temperature. Normal humans have a base 26°C/79°F maximum comfortable temperature.

The outside temperature won’t usually reach higher temperatures than 50°C/122°F, so these clothes will protect you from any extreme climates.

Best Clothes for Cold Insulation in RimWorld

If you prefer to live in tundras or colder climates, then you will need to properly gear up. Cold weather is a lot harsher than hot weather, as it easily kills everything in sight.

Luckily, with the use of some easy-to-get materials, you can craft some really good cold resistant clothes in RimWorld.

When it comes to cold clothing, there isn’t a single special material that will fulfill all your needs. This is why we will also list the best material to use to craft these clothes.

Here are the best clothes for cold insulation in RimWorld that will protect you from the worst the game can throw at you:

ClothingBody PartCold InsulationMaterial
FlophatHead-17°C/30.6°FMegasloth wool
TailcapHead-17°C/30.6°FMegasloth wool
TuqueHead-17°C/30.6°FMegasloth wool
CorsetMiddle Layer-15.2°C/27.4°FGuinea pig fur
Formal vestMiddle Layer-15.2°C/27.4°FGuinea pig fur
ParkaOuter Layer-76°C/136.8°FGuinea pig fur
PantsPants-7.6°C/13.7°FGuinea pig fur
Button-down shirtShirt-9.88°C/17.8°FGuinea pig fur

As you can tell, Guinea pig fur is the best material for making cold insulation clothes. However, it offers really bad protection from damage.

The best material that is really close in stats for cold protection is Thrumbofur. But it is extremely hard to farm Thrumbos.

The last choice of materials for most of the clothes is Heavy fur. You can get a lot of Heavy fur from bigger animals. This is the most reliable source if you want to make a lot of cold-resistant clothes.

That’s everything you need to know about the best clothes for heat and cold in RimWorld!

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