RimWorld – Best Crops to Grow & Farm (Early & Late-Game)

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Crops in RimWorld are a very important source of food and materials for your pawns to survive and thrive on this hostile planet.

However, there are a lot of crop choices in RimWorld that are better or worse than others.

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Depending on the point in your playthrough, some crops might be a really good choice or a really bad one.

Here are the best crops to farm in RimWorld for food and crafting materials in both the early game and mid to late-game.

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Best Crops to Farm in RimWorld Early Game

In the early game of RimWorld, there are two crops that you will need to farm each time since they are the best at this point:

  • Rice
  • Cotton (Cloth)

Rice is the fastest-growing crop in the whole game. This is why the rice plant is the best crop to farm in the early game, as it can get you a quick source of food for your colony.

However, rice is not an incredibly nourishing source of food, so you will have to change it slowly after a few weeks in RimWorld.

Cotton is the second-best crop to farm in RimWorld’s early game, as it will provide you with an easy source of crafting materials.

You will need to constantly make new clothes for your pawns, so cloth will easily allow you to craft some nice apparel.

Best Crops to Farm in RimWorld Mid to Late Game

Rice and cotton are not the best crops in the game. They are a really good source of food and crafting materials in the early game, but here are the best crops to farm in RimWorld:

  • Corn
  • Devilstrand

Corn has the best food yield in RimWorld, even though it takes a long time to grow and harvest. The corn plant has a lot of HP and allows Plants pawns to concentrate on other tasks as well.

One problem might be blight since it can destroy your really slow-growing crops and make the time it takes for them to grow even longer.

Luckily, corn is very sensitive to soil fertility, which means that you can boost the growth rate by a lot. Corn also takes 60 days to rot, which is incredibly good compared to the other food crops.

Devilstrand is the best crop for crafting materials, as it is one of the most resistant clothes materials in the game.

It is also incredibly resistant to heat, which will protect your pawns from all the explosions and Molotov cocktails better.

You can also use devilstrand for furniture, which will make them very beautiful, wealthy, and comfortable.

That’s everything you need to know about the best crops to farm in RimWorld!

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