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There are many parts to a room and a house in RimWorld. The basic structures that you will need to build are walls, doors, and floors.

Using good materials will also make pawns happy with their surroundings and will make them move faster around the base.

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However, there are many possible floor tiles that players can build, and it can be hard to decide which ones are the best.

So, to make your life easier, we will tell you which floor tiles are the best to use in RimWorld for each type of important room.

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Base Requirements for the Best Floor in RimWorld

There are a few standards that most floor tiles will need to meet to be considered the best in RimWorld. The basic requirement is 100% movement on the tile.

This is the main reason why you would build floors since most natural ground has an 87% walk speed. So, from the start, we can exclude Straw matting and Fungal gravel.

Straw matting can trick players since it can be really easy to build, but Wood floor is much more accessible and useful in the early game.

Another problem can be having floors with a higher than normal market value. These will result in a lot of dangerous raids that are not worth it. So, don’t build Gold tiles.

Best Early Game Floor Tiles in RimWorld

The best floor to use in early-game RimWorld is the Wood floor. Since wood is extremely easy to get, Wood floors are the best start for your base.

Wood floor tiles also get a 0 beauty rating, allowing you to place them anywhere without any mood repercussions.

However, you should change wood as fast as possible since it can burn down your base in seconds if a storm hits.

Best Floors to Use in RimWorld

Depending on the room, there are different floors that could be considered the best in RimWorld.

Let’s first start with hospitals, kitchens, butcheries, and freezers. The best floor tiles for these rooms in RimWorld are Sterile tiles.

These will increase the cleanliness of the room by 0.6 per tile. With higher cleanliness, you will lower the chances of infection and of ingredients causing food poisoning.

For other rooms and hallways, the best floor tiles that you can use in RimWorld must have 0% flammability, a bit of beauty, and abundant materials to use.

So, the best floor tiles to use are Fine stone tiles and Ideology stone tiles. Usually, building a room with ideology-inspired stone tiles (spikecore, morbid, totemic) will get pawns the ideology-style surroundings positive moodlet.

Stone tiles are all non-flammable, and the higher grade tiles also have 3 beauty per tile. The only problem with them is their higher cost.

You will need 20 blocks per tile for the higher-grade stone tiles. This is why, sometimes, if you are not afraid of fires, building carpets can also be a good choice.

That’s everything you need to know about the best floor in RimWorld!

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