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There are many interesting materials you can gather and buy in RimWorld. One of the strongest you can find on the whole planet though is plasteel.

With the help of plasteel, you can give your colonists the best armor and weapons in the game if you have the necessary crafting skill.

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Unfortunately, plasteel is not an incredibly popular resource, and it will be a bit hard to get your hands on it.

So, to make sure your equipment is the best, here is how you can get plasteel in RimWorld.

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How to Get Plasteel in RimWorld

Plasteel is incredibly strong and good for crafting in RimWorld. This is why the developers have made it a relatively rare resource.

Luckily, there are a few ways you can get plasteel in RimWorld:

  • Mine Compacted Plasteel Deposits
  • Disassemble Dead Mechanoids
  • Deep Drill Underground Plasteel Veins
  • Trade

Get Plasteel from Compacted Deposits in RimWorld

The most straightforward way to get plasteel is to mine compacted plasteel deposits. You can usually spot them in normal mountains and hills.

They have a special blue-spotted pattern that makes them unique. If you look around your map, you should find at least 1 or 2 deposits.

If you can’t see them, they might also be hidden inside a deeper mountain. Otherwise, you will likely have to use some of the other methods.

Each compacted plasteel tile will offer you at least 40 plasteel. This is decent enough as a starting point.

Those 2 deposits (around 5 tiles per deposit) won’t be enough to actually do much anyway, but they are an incredible source if you have access to a long-range mineral scanner.

Players will have access to the long-range mineral scanner after first researching Microelectronics and Machining.

Once those are done, you can research the long-range mineral scanner, which is a special tool that can find mineral deposits on the world map around your settlement.

You can set this scanner to find the exact resource you are looking for, in this case, plasteel, and let your researcher use it to find a deposit in a few days.

The map that you will discover will have around 10 to 15 compacted plasteel tiles, which results in at least 400 plasteel.

The only downside is that you will usually have to face some enemies on that map. Either raiders or manhunters. There are also moments, though, when there is no one protecting the deposit, but that is rare.

Disassemble Mechanoids for Plasteel in RimWorld

Players will take part in many mechanoid raids in RimWorld, and, luckily, there is something great that they will get from winning these fights: plasteel.

You can use the machining table to break down mechanoid corpses and get plasteel in return. Though this is only useful if you get attacked often by mechanoids.

So, if you are in the early game, there is no chance you will be able to use this method to get plasteel. However, in late to mid-game, mechanoids are a main source of plasteel.

How to Buy Plasteel in RimWorld

Your last good method to get plasteel in RimWorld is to just buy it from traders. There will be many merchants that will offer plasteel, and their prices aren’t that absurd compared to what you are getting.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get plasteel in RimWorld!

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