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Though there are many questions one can have when it comes to RimWorld, “What is the best room size?” is surprisingly popular.

When it comes to bedroom size, most would say that the best choice is what you like. And they would be right.

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The optimal room size is what you prefer. However, if you are looking to know exactly which size would bring you the most benefits for the least amount of space, we got the answer for you.

Here is the best optimal size for a bedroom in RimWorld, so you can at least get rid of one of your colonists’ complaints.

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Best Room Size in RimWorld

There are a few things that matter before considering what the best room size would be for you.

First of all, the numbers that we are going to use (e.g. 7×7) represent the length and width inside the rooms. So, a 5×5 room would have 7×7 walls around it.

Now, let’s first decide if you want a single or double bed. It would always be preferable to get a double bed, as pawns that have romanced each other will usually prefer to sleep together.

Depending on the room size of the bedroom, a colonist can get temporary negative or positive moodlets. These usually don’t matter that much since they disappear when the pawn leaves the room.

If what you are looking for is a small room that won’t get any debuffs from being “cramped”, then here are the room sizes you can try in RimWorld with just pure wooden materials:

  • Single Bed room size – 3×3
  • Double Bed room size – 4×3

With this amount of space, you should be able to build a table with chairs or a dresser, along with a nightstand, and nicely get that “dull” impressiveness rating.

If you were trying to maybe get the “decent” impressiveness rating, which can get you a moodlet bonus, you would have to increase the size of the rooms by a bit.

If you want to go for that endgame room size in RimWorld, then you should maybe consider building these rooms:

  • Single Bed room size – 4×4
  • Double Bed room size – 5×4

By building the rooms so large, you will have the necessary space to place all the items that will increase the room’s wealth and beauty.

These should be the optimal room sizes that will probably help your campaign the most. However, this usually comes down to personal preference.

If you wanted to, you could even do 2×2 rooms, if you made them from high-quality materials and still get colonists that are content with them.

However, we would never recommend building a room so small since it would just look ugly. Try to have fun and build rooms that you personally like.

That’s everything you need to know about what the best optimal room size is in RimWorld!

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