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One of the rarest and most important resources in RimWorld are Components. These special pieces of machinery are needed for most of the high-tech projects you might have.

Most electrical items and machinery will require Components to be built and repaired, and many of the best firearms, armor, and ship parts (if you want to leave the RimWorld).

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Though this resource is rare, players can get their hands on it at any point in the game and can use it to get some high-tier equipment quickly.

Here is how you can get your hands on some Components and also make them in RimWorld.

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How to Get Components in RimWorld

Components are vital to surviving and will be necessary throughout all of your RimWorld playthroughs.

Before we tell you how to get more Components, here is some advice to keep your Components safe and not need to get more and more every day:

  • Try not to use Components often. If you have a choice to build something without the use of Components, do it.
  • Don’t keep your Components outside, as they deteriorate.

Now, let’s see all the ways you can get more Components in RimWorld:

  • Mine Compacted machinery
  • Deconstruct Ship chunks
  • Traders
  • Craft

Mining Components

The most straightforward way to get Components is to mine Compacted machinery.

This “rock” can be found on almost every map, as players can see the brown rock seemingly out of nowhere in between normal rocks (such as marble or sandstone).

Players can just order their pawns to mine the Compacted machinery, and they will get 2 Components per mined block.

Most of the veins players will find will have around 4 to 6 blocks. This means they will get at least 8 Components per vein they can find.

Ship Chunks Have Components

RimWorld How to Get and Make Components Ship Chunks

You can also get your hands on some Components in RimWorld by deconstructing Ship chunks, which you can find based on various circumstances.

Players will automatically find 3 Ship chunks on the map if they chose the Crashlanded scenario, and they can also get a few through events, where they will randomly fall from the skies.

Traders Sell Components

The normal way many players may get Components in RimWorld’s late game is to buy them from traders.

Since traders can come very often with resources, and since they don’t have limited sources (like us), players can nicely get some Components from traders when they don’t have natural ways to get them.

The normal price for 1 Component is 32 silver, which is relatively cheap in the late game.

How to Get Advanced Components in RimWorld

Advanced components are an evolved version of components that become relevant in RimWorld’s late game.

Players will need advanced components to build most of the spaceship parts, for high-end equipment (marine armor, charge rifles), and for all of the craftable bionic organs.

You would expect an item such as the advanced components to be uncraftable in RimWorld, but you can actually make a lot of them with ease, using the rarest resources in the game.

To craft advanced components in RimWorld, you will first need to complete the “Advanced fabrication” research project. This unlocks the fabrication bench, where you will make this item.

At the fabrication bench, you will need to set up the bill to make advanced components, which will require 1 component, 20 steel, 10 plasteel, and 3 gold per item.

The pawn that you want to make the advanced components will also require level 8 Crafting.

Other ways to get advanced components in RimWorld are:

  • Trade
  • Destroy Crashed Ship Parts
  • Loot Raiders

How to Make (Craft) Components in RimWorld

Players can make Components in RimWorld with just 12 Steel at the Fabrication bench and a colonist with at least 8 crafting.

To unlock the Fabrication bench, you will first need to research Fabrication. To get there, players will have to get the Electricity, Microelectronics, and then Multi-analyzer techs first.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get components in RimWorld!

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