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There aren’t many ways to finish RimWorld. However, the most straightforward way to win RimWorld is to build a spaceship and leave the planet once and for all.

Even if you don’t actually want to leave the planet and just want to do the ship quest, building this steel monster is going to be a challenge.

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You won’t only need to gather a lot of rare resources, but you will also need to prepare for an incredibly hard battle that can destroy your pawns before even starting the engine of the ship.

Here is how you can build a ship in RimWorld, no matter what DLCs you have, and how you can finally leave the planet and start a new playthrough.

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Make a Ship in RimWorld

Building a ship in RimWorld can be quite complicated and will take a lot of resources. To make a ship, you will need to construct at least 6 distinct parts for it:

  • 3x Ship engines
  • Ship reactor
  • Ship computer core
  • Sensor cluster
  • Ship structural beam
  • Ship cryptosleep casket

To actually launch the ship, you don’t need more than what we listed above. As you can see, there is only one needed cryptosleep casket, which means you only need to send one pawn to space to win the game.

It does not matter how you position most of these ship parts. What you have to do to build this RimWorld ship properly is to:

  • Build the ship outside, without a roof above it.
  • All the parts must be connected.
  • Every cryptosleep casket must have its head connected to a structural beam.

You can see a ship in the image at the top of the article if you are still not sure what your ship should look like. There is no perfect way to build your ship. You just need to follow the general rules and then have fun with them.

The minimum resources you are going to need if you were to make a simple, barebones ship in RimWorld would be:

  • 1740x Steel
  • 740x Plasteel
  • 294x Uranium
  • 74x Gold
  • 42x Advanced components
  • 12x Components
  • 1 Persona core

How to Escape RimWorld Once Ship is Built

To know if your ship is ready to go, you can just click on any of the built parts and then select “Show launch report”. You will then see either what parts you are missing or that you are ready to launch.

If you want to launch the ship, you will first need to start up the reactor. You can do this by selecting the reactor and then choosing the “Start ship” option.

This is when the game is going to get incredibly hard, as it will take 15 days for the reactor to start up, and you will have to fight all kinds of raiders during this time.

Once the reactor finally starts up, you can put your pawns in the cryptosleep caskets. Now, select the ship computer core and “Launch ship”.

You will now see the credits of the game. If you leave anyone behind, you will continue to play as those characters. Otherwise, you will just see that there is no one there, and you will have to start the game over.

That’s everything you need to know about how to build a ship in RimWorld!

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