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RimWorld happens on a different sci-fi planet, so time doesn’t move the same way. However, there are random items that say they will spoil in one year.

But what does one year mean in RimWorld? Since time doesn’t move the same way, and a year is obviously shorter than one in our world, we need to know how many days are in a year to properly plan our colony.

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Since babies can also grow and help out your colony once they reach the age of 3, you will need to know when that happens.

So, here is the answer if you are wondering how many days are in a year in RimWorld.

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How Many Days are in a Year in RimWorld?

The year in RimWorld is in 4 seasons which last 15 days. So this means that a year in RimWorld lasts 60 days.

Each season in RimWorld has a name that is similar to two of the months in that season:

  • Winter is Decembary
  • Spring is Aprimay
  • Summer is Jugust
  • Fall is Septober

Each one of these seasons (called quadrums) lasts 15 days, and they will show the temperatures that define their season. So, if you have your base in the northern hemisphere, winter will be cold, and summer will be hot.

If you landed your pawns and base in the southern hemisphere (the southern part of the planet), then the seasons will be inverted, and Decembary will be warm, while Jugust will be cold.

How Long Does a Day or Year Last in Seconds in RimWorld?

A single day in RimWorld lasts 24 in-game hours, as it would in our world, and that day amounts to 16 minutes and 40 seconds in real time.

An hour in RimWorld lasts around 42 seconds. A season (Decembary, Aprimay, Jugust, or Septober) will take around 4 hours and 10 minutes.

A full year in RimWorld at the normal speed would take 16 hours and 40 minutes to pass.

That’s everything you need to know about how many days are in a year in RimWorld!

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