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There are some unspeakable things you can do in RimWorld that are actually extremely useful and profitable.

Humans are in abundance in RimWorld as they try to kill you in every raid they send at you. The longer you play, the more raiders will attack you.

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So, why waste the opportunity and not butcher them for meat and leather? Well, there might be many reasons why you wouldn’t do it, but if you don’t have principles, you are in luck.

Here is how to butcher humans and humanoid xenotypes in RimWorld for human meat and human leather.

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How to Butcher Humans in RimWorld

If you know how to butcher animals in RimWorld, then you already have half of the job done.’

All you need to do to butcher humans in RimWorld is to change the bill a bit:

  1. Select the butcher table/spot.
  2. Press the “Bills” button.
  3. Add the “Butcher creature” bill if you don’t have it already and set it to “Do forever.”
  4. Press the “Details…” button next to the bill.
  5. Tap the red X button next to “Humanlike corpses” and set it to a green checkmark.

Now, your pawns will know that they can butcher human corpses as well, and the cooks will get to it when they have time.

To make the process easier, you should also make sure that your freezer stockpile also allows human-like corpses. This way, the cooks can easily pick up the refrigerated corpses from the freezer and get to them.

Each butchered human should yield human meat and leather. If your pawns are cannibals, or they have accepted cannibalism in their ideology, they can eat and butcher humans without a problem.

Other pawns will be very upset if they butcher a human and will get a huge mood debuff.

What to do with Butchered Humans

If you want to use human meat in your meals, make sure to edit the meal bills to also include human meat. You do this the same way you added humanlike corpses to the butcher table/spot.

Just select your stove or campfire, open the details of the meal, open the meat category, and go down to enable human meat.

Human leather is one of the most expensive leathers on the market, and you can make a huge profit by selling human leather clothing.

If you are lazy, you can also sell the leather raw and get a lot of silver. Since you will get hundreds of raiders, human leather can be one of the best sources of money in RimWorld. Just make sure you have a cannibal or psychopath to butcher them.

That’s everything you need to know about how to butcher humans in RimWorld!

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