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In the hostile environment of RimWorld, colonists will constantly have to suffer constant injuries that will leave them without limbs and important body parts.

When this happens, players can only do two things: ignore the situation or give them prosthetics. These artificial body parts can either be worse than normal human body parts or better with enough technological advancement.

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Your best bet in RimWorld is to give your pawns prosthetics, even if they are worse than normal body parts, if someone is missing them entirely.

To install prosthetics in RimWorld, all you need to do is select the pawn you want to give the artificial body part, open their Health tab, go to Operations, and add a bill to install the prosthetic.

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How Prosthetics and Artificial Body Parts Work in RimWorld

You have probably obtained some body parts, such as livers and hearts, during your RimWorld playthroughs through operations or trade. If you are using some kind of mod, you will also probably obtain limbs that you might think could be used as prosthetics.

In general, in vanilla RimWorld, there are only four types of prosthetics/artificial limbs that you can install on your colonists:

  • Wooden limbs
  • Prosthetics
  • Bionics
  • Archotech

Wooden limbs, such as peg legs or wooden hands, will be available from the start of the game, and you will always see them as bills in the Operations menu. These wooden prosthetics are 60% as efficient as a normal limb, but they will do if you are totally missing that body part.

Once you discover Machining, you can also research Prosthetics, which work 85%, as well as organic limbs. This makes prosthetics an easy choice if your pawn is suffering from major injuries that can’t be fixed.

The last type of prosthetics that you can research and craft is bionics, which is superior to organic body parts. However, they can be quite expensive to make.

Usually, if you can afford them, it might be a good idea to give everyone bionic body parts, as they can’t be normal diseases.

Archotech is the highest-level prosthetics in RimWorld which can only be obtained through trade and raids. These are incredibly powerful organs or limbs that will make your pawns superhuman.

How to Install Prosthetics in RimWorld

You can install prosthetics on colonists in RimWorld by following these steps:

  1. Select the pawn that should receive the operation.
  2. Open their Health stats.
  3. Select the Operations tab.
  4. Click the Add bill button and select the Install prosthetic option.

Once you have selected to perform the surgery, the pawn will head to a medical bed and wait for a doctor to perform the operation. You will also need medical supplies to perform the surgery.

Depending on what types of prosthetics you have in your storage, they will appear there as choices. If you haven’t crafted the prosthetics beforehand, they won’t appear there as options. Simple prosthetics can be crafted at the machining table, once you’ve finished the Prosthetics research.

Also, if the pawn still has their organic body part where you want to install the prosthetic, know that you will forever remove it. For example, if you do an operation to install a peg leg on someone, the doctor will cut off the organic leg they had there if there is still one present.

That’s everything you need to know about how to install prosthetics in RimWorld!

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