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There are many materials and resources that players will gather and use in RimWorld, and uranium is one of the most important ones.

Unfortunately, you won’t get to use uranium until the late game, which makes it a rare material that players will usually hoard for a long time.

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Uranium is mainly used to craft the best armors in the game, power armor, and the spaceship parts that will allow you to leave the RimWorld.

To get uranium in RimWorld, you will either have to mine uranium ore, salvage it from ancient cryptosleep caskets, deep drill, or purchase it from traders.

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How to Get Uranium in RimWorld

One of the easiest ways to get uranium in RimWorld is to find uranium ore tiles and mine them.

In general, most maps will have at least one uranium ore deposit, which should have around 5 to 10 mineable tiles.

Each one of the ores will yield around 40 uranium per tile, which should be good enough at the start. However, one of these uranium ore deposits will not be enough to make a ship or make a lot of power armor.

You can also get uranium in RimWorld by doing these things:

  • Deconstruct ancient cryptosleep caskets
  • Deep-drill uranium veins
  • Find deposits using a long-range mineral scanner
  • Purchase from outlander/imperial faction bases

Deconstruct Ancient Cryptosleep Caskets

If you have an ancient ruin on your colony map or around your colony as spawnable outposts, you can raid them and deconstruct the ancient cryptosleep caskets. Unfortunately, you will only get 4 uranium out of each deconstructed casket.

Deep Drill Uranium

This is why, one of the best ways to get uranium in RimWorld is to deep-drill uranium veins.

To do this, you will need to get a ground-penetrating scanner and wait and pray that it will find a uranium ore vein.

Once you find a uranium deposit, set up a deep drill and take as much uranium from it. Usually, you should be able to get around 70 uranium from one of these underground deposits.

The only risk with this method is the possible insect attacks that happen when you use the deep drill. There is no way to stop them, so it would be best to be prepared. Insects aren’t that powerful if you have the right weapons when they come.

Find Uranium Using the Long-range Mineral Scanner

Usually, mineral deposits that are above ground will get you a lot more resources than the ones underground in RimWorld.

This is why if you want to spend time waiting to find uranium ore deposits, the long-range mineral scanner might be a better choice than the ground penetrating scanner.

This way, you will find random locations close to your base that can hold around 600 to 800 uranium that you will need to mine.

The only problem is that you will usually also have to face some enemies at the location, and you will need to haul the resources from that map to your colony.

Purchase Uranium

The last way you can get uranium in RimWorld is to buy it. Bulk traders always carry some, but they are relatively rare to come by.

The best method to purchase uranium is to form a caravan and head over to one of the outlander or imperial faction bases.

These factions will always have most of the resources in the game at their bases, so just head over and get what you need. Uranium costs around 9 silver per rock.

What to Do with Uranium in RimWorld

Usually, at the start of the game, all you can do with uranium is either sell it or use it to make blunt weapons. There is no real reason to keep it, as most of the items that need it will become available very late.

If you do reach the late-game, uranium in RimWorld can be used to craft three things:

  • Long-range turret
  • Ship parts
  • Power armors

Uranium Slug Turret

One of the things that will require a lot of uranium is the uranium slug turret. This is the automatic turret with the longest range in the game. However, it can’t shoot if enemies get too close to it.

In general, this beast costs a lot of resources, especially uranium, and will require another 60 uranium each time it shoots 30 slugs.

If you really want to use a long-range assault weapon, a mortar might be a better choice.

When it comes to its abilities compared to the other automatic turrets, the other two might be more useful if you can build your base in a way that provides enough defense from the start.

Ship Parts

Three of the vital ship parts that you will need to leave RimWorld will require high amounts of uranium:

  • Ship cryptosleep caskets
  • Ship engine
  • Ship reactor

Each casket that you will want to make will require 14 uranium, while the ship engine and reactor will need 70 uranium each to craft. However, you will need to make 3 ship engines to take off.

This means that if you want to build the ship and leave the planet in RimWorld, you will need at least 294 uranium to build all the necessary parts.

Power Armors

If you’ve played the game long enough, you know that power armors are the best armors in RimWorld. Though most of them will lower your move speed, the amount of damage negation they provide is insane, especially at higher rarity levels.

Here is a list of all the power armors you can craft in RimWorld, and the amount of uranium needed to make them:

  • Recon armor – 10 uranium
  • Locust armor – 10 uranium
  • Prestige recon armor – 10 uranium
  • Marine armor – 20 uranium
  • Grenadier armor – 20 uranium
  • Prestige marine armor – 20 uranium
  • Cataphract armor – 50 uranium
  • Phoenix armor – 50 uranium
  • Prestige cataphract armor – 50 uranium

That’s everything you need to know about how to get uranium and what to do with it in RimWorld!

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