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If you want your colonists to live a happy life in RimWorld, you will need to make a lot of money.

However, there are many sources of income you can use, and none of them really give you a clear sign if they are good or not.

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There are a lot of crops you can grow, animals you can tame, and buildings you can construct, but which ones make you the most amount of silver?

Well, here is an extensive money-making guide for RimWorld, where we will showcase the best ways to make silver in the game.

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How to Make Money Fast in RimWorld

In RimWorld, there are a few sources that will always give you more materials than you would need. These are the ones you should collect and sell whenever you find the opportunity.

Unfortunately, there is no proper economy in RimWorld, so everything will usually have the same price. You can’t buy things from a settlement and sell them to another for a better price.

But, you can make a lot of materials and sell them to traders and settlements using caravans. So, here are the ways you can make a lot of money in RimWorld:

  • Prisoner Organ Sale
  • Crops for Silver
  • Drug Dealing
  • Clothes Sweatshop
  • Art Connoisseur
  • Animal Dealer

Prisoner Organ Sale

An amazing way to practice the Medical skill of a pawn and also make money in RimWorld is to harvest the organs of prisoners.

By harvesting these organs, in this exact order, you will make around 2 to 3k silver if you have a high Social skill:

  1. Kidney
  2. Lung
  3. Heart

The only problem with this method is that you will constantly have to use medicine. However, if you have set prisoners to only use herbal medicine, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Just know that you may fail these operations from time to time, so make sure to make your doctors do the operations again in the right order.

If you don’t pay attention, they can fail the kidney and lung operations and then harvest the heart, leaving you without a patient.

To increase the chance of successful operations, make sure that the prisoner is in a sterile room. Players can easily get more prisoners in RimWorld in raids, whether they want to or not.

Another problem with this method is that not all merchants will want to buy human organs. However, the organs don’t deteriorate, so you can keep them forever until a trader appears that would want them.

Though organ harvesting is a really good way of making money in RimWorld, it is incredibly inconsistent.

Since raiders can randomly all die in raids, you can have many raids without any prisoners. If you would only rely on this method for money, then your economy would be very chaotic.

Crops for Silver

You can grow huge farms in RimWorld, and most of the crops can be sold raw for really good prices.

Depending on how long it actually takes for a crop to grow, farms can be an amazing source of money in RimWorld.

There are three crops that can make you a lot of money if sold raw in RimWorld, but each one has a very different growth time:

  • Smokeleaf – 9 per plant, 14.4 market value, 13 days growth time
  • Corn – 22 per plant, 24.2 market value, 21 days growth time
  • Devilstrand – 6 per plant, 33 market value, 42 days growth time

Each one of these plants can be a really good choice since they sell for amazing prices and have a really good work/profit ratio.

Corn is usually a really good choice since it can also provide you with a steady source of food that you can sell if you have too much.

Usually, if you want to play it safe, corn is the best crop for making money in RimWorld. However, the other choices are just as strong.

The fastest choice that can also make you even more profit in the future is the smokeleaf. It grows the fastest, making it a good choice if you don’t have a lot of patience and need money now.

Devilstrand is one of the best materials in the game for clothes and furniture. Since it is a resource that you should grow anyway, you can sell some of the leftovers to traders to make a lot of money.

Drug Dealing

Drugs are an amazing source of money in RimWorld. However, you have to be very careful since pawns with chemical fascination or interest will probably overdose on the drugs every day if you have too many.

The best drugs that you should produce for money in the early game are smokeleaf joints. You can easily make them at a crafting spot, which requires no resources.

If you were already raising smokeleaf for some profit, then turning that into joints will increase your profitability by a lot.

However, there is a drug that will make you much more silver than the smokeleaf joints, and that is flake.

Once you complete the Psychite Refining research, you will have access to the drug lab to make flake using 4 psychoid leaves.

The psychoids plants take around 9 days to grow, and they provide 8 psychoid leaves per plant.

Flake has a market value of 14, making this process extremely profitable if you have a decent farm of psychoids.

Drugs such as go-juice and wake-up, which require neutroamine to craft, are incredibly useless. You shouldn’t produce these ever. Not even for recreation.

Neutroamine is an extremely rare resource. Using it on anything other than medicine and penoxycyline would be a complete waste.

Clothes Sweatshop

Clothes are an amazing source of money in RimWorld, as you can easily mass produce them with a good crafter and decent farms.

With a bit of wool from your farm animals, some cloth from your crops, and maybe some leather from hunting, you have an untapped source of money waiting to be used.

However, you will have to use someone who has at least level 6 in Crafting if you actually want to make a profit.

If your crafter pawn has less than level 6 Crafting then you would be better off selling those materials raw. A bad crafter will make bad clothes, resulting in a lower overall price.

There are two pieces of clothing that you should mass produce in RimWorld to make a lot of silver:

  • Tribalwear
  • Dusters

If you have a lot of resources and don’t have anything better to do with them, you should only make tribalwear to sell.

Though it isn’t extremely profitable to just make one or two, mass-producing them will get you a huge profit in the long run.

If you don’t have that many resources and want to be selective with them, then dusters are the way to go. Players can get a huge profit for selling just one duster.

Art Connoisseur

The last source of consistent money in RimWorld is actually art. You can mass-produce art and easily deposit it on one tile in your storage until someone comes over to buy it.

There are three types of art that you can craft in RimWorld:

  • Small Sculpture
  • Large Sculpture
  • Grand Sculpture

Though grand sculptures are the most expensive of the bunch and can make you the most money, there could be many traders in the early game that won’t be able to afford them.

Since they also cost a lot of resources, it would be better to make many small sculptures rather than a few grand ones.

This is a good way to use a pawn talented in Art and also use extra resources. Though stone sculpture would get you more money, they take a very long time.

Try to do more wooden sculptures and maybe start using other materials if you have one that is in abundance.

Animal Dealer

With animals in RimWorld, it usually might be more profitable to raise them and use their produced resources.

However, if you don’t want to increase their pens all over the map until they take over your colony, it would be a good idea to sell some.

Since they reproduce extremely fast and will probably start starving in their pen without some kibble, players can use this opportunity to make some quick money.

You can also easily form caravans and send the animals to be sold since they will also help you carry things along the way.

That’s everything you need to know about the best ways to make money in RimWorld!

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