RimWorld – What Are the Best Animals to Farm and Tame?

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There are a lot of wild animals on most RimWorld maps that players can tame and farm to get really useful resources.

Be it milk, eggs, wool, or meat – farm animals will make your RimWorld colony thrive with abundant resources.

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However, most animals are built differently. Not all animals are equal in this world, and they aren’t in RimWorld either.

So, we are going to answer in this guide what animals are the best to farm and tame in RimWorld.

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Best Farm Animals to Tame in RimWorld

There are four main resources you can get from tamed farm animals in RimWorld:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Wool
  • Meat

Best Farm Animals to Tame for Milk

Unsurprisingly, the best farm animal for milk is the cow. Cows will produce at least 14 milk daily. This might not sound like much if you don’t compare it to the other animals.

There are 7 animals in RimWorld that will provide you with milk on an almost daily basis:

  • Cow – 14 milk per day
  • Elk – 11 milk per day
  • Yak – 11 milk per day
  • Dromedary – 18 milk every 2 days
  • Caribou – 10 milk every 2 days
  • Goat – 12 milk every 3 days

Your second-best choices, if you can’t get your hands on a few cows, are the elk and yak. Their daily milk output is surprisingly high.

Since they are larger animals, the males will also provide you with a decent amount of meat every time you butcher them.

If you are playing in a very warm desert biome, the dromedary is an amazing choice as a milk animal. The males are also incredibly useful as pack animals, are rideable, and will allow your caravans to carry an amazing amount of resources fast.

If you were to avoid a type of farm animal for milk in RimWorld, it would be the goat. Though they don’t really eat that much, their milk production is abysmal.

Best Farm Animals to Tame for Eggs

There is a reason why we all know and mostly eat chicken eggs. The same thing is applicable in RimWorld, as chickens are the best source of eggs in the game, along with ducks.

It is good to know that milk is a much better source of nourishment than eggs in RimWorld. However, the quick reproduction of animals that produce eggs will allow you to get more meat from them faster.

Here are all 10 tameable farm animals that can lay eggs in RimWorld:

  • Chicken – 1 egg per day
  • Duck – 1 egg per day
  • Turkey – 1 egg every 1.5 days
  • Goose – 1 egg every 2 days
  • Cassowary – 1 egg every 3 days
  • Emu – 1 egg every 3 days
  • Ostrich – 1 egg every 3 days
  • Iguana – 1 to 2 eggs every 5 days
  • Tortoise – 1 to 3 eggs every 6 days
  • Cobra – 1 to 2 eggs every 10 days

Most reptiles are a horrible choice when it comes to eggs. If the reason you have them is for their eggs, then you should immediately get rid of them.

The chicken and the duck are almost the same animals in RimWorld, the only difference between the two of them being that the ducks need to eat a bit more.

However, you cannot tame chickens and ducks since they cannot be found in the wild. Your only chance of getting them would be through a self-tame event or from traders.

This is why the best animal to tame in RimWorld for eggs, which you can actually find in the wild, is the turkey. Their egg production is a bit slower than that of the duck and chicken, and they will give you much more meat.

Best Farm Animals to Tame for Wool

This time we don’t have as many choices as before. Here are the 5 animals that you can tame and farm for wool in RimWorld:

  • Alpaca – 45 wool every 10 days
  • Sheep – 45 wool every 10 days
  • Bison – 120 wool every 15 days
  • Muffalo – 120 wool every 15 days
  • Megasloth – 200 wool every 20 days

It is good to know that when it comes to wool, what each animal produces is different. If you wanted clothes that have good insulation from heat using wool, the alpaca wool would be best.

Here are all the stats for the wool of each one of these animals:

  • Alpaca wool – Sharp Armor = 0.36, Cold Insulation = 30, Heat Insulation = 16
  • Sheep wool – Sharp Armor = 0.36, Cold Insulation = 26, Heat Insulation = 10
  • Bison wool – Sharp Armor = 0.36, Cold Insulation = 26, Heat Insulation = 12
  • Muffalo wool – Sharp Armor = 0.36, Cold Insulation = 28, Heat Insulation = 12
  • Megasloth wool – Sharp Armor = 0.8, Cold Insulation = 34, Heat Insulation = 12

In many ways, the megasloth wool is the best one in RimWorld, as it offers the best cold insulation and second to best heat insulation. It is also the most resistant to attacks out of the bunch.

However, the muffalo is an incredible animal in general, as it can help you carry a lot of resources when forming caravans. It is also a lot easier to tame than a megasloth.

But if you can get your hands on some megasloths, go for it. They are in the top 3 best animals when it comes to fighting in RimWorld, and will most likely bring down a few raiders in every battle.

Best Farm Animals to Tame for Meat

All animals in RimWorld will provide you with meat if you butcher them. The bigger they are, the more meat they will provide.

However, if you want an animal that only provides meat for you, pigs should be your go-to. You can easily feed them raider corpses to nurture them and then eat them when they reach maturity.

Best Wild Animals to Tame in RimWorld (Always Tame These)

Besides farm animals, there are also some other good animals that you should tame in RimWorld.

Horses are a must if you want to travel the world map fast. This means that colonists won’t spend as much time traveling, allowing them to work more.

Wolves are the best haulers in RimWorld. If you don’t want to waste the time and ruin the schedule of your pawns with hauling, get a few wolves to do it for you. Otherwise, dogs will do.

That’s everything you need to know about the best farm animals to tame in RimWorld!

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