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As you live your day-to-day life in the harsh lands of RimWorld, you might just end up with a huge pile of corpses.

Whether from raiders, fallen visitors, or even your own colonists, the graves will just keep piling up.

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You will have to kill and some people will die along the way, that is the way of the game.

However, what are you supposed to do with all the corpses in RimWorld?

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What to Do with Corpses in RimWorld

There are four things you can do with corpses in RimWorld:

  • Butcher and eat them
  • Bury them
  • Cremate them
  • Leave them to rot

If you have an ideology that allows you to eat humanoids, then you should know that you can easily butcher humans at a butchering spot or table.

You can then cook them into a simple meal, as you normally would. To do this, you need to enable the butchering of humanoid corpses from the butchering spot, and then you will need to enable the use of human meat in your meals.

Players can also feed normal pawns human meat, but they will get a huge mood debuff and can even jump right into a mental breakdown.

How to Get Rid of Corpses in RimWorld

Burying Corpses

If you are more civilized, you can bury corpses by building graves for them. You can find graves in the Misc building category.

Though this is a nice way of getting rid of corpses, you should only use it for your pawns if you want to respect them in some way.

Graves will use a lot of space, especially if you plan on burying every raider you kill. So, making graves for all your corpses isn’t the solution.

You can also make sarcophagi for your dead. However, they require a lot more effort. They are relatively beautiful, so you can use them to decorate as well.

Cremating Corpses

If you have an electric crematorium (found in the Production buildings category) then you can burn corpses and get rid of them instantly.

This is a decent method of ridding yourself of corpses, as you just need energy and a worker to carry the bodies.

The electric crematorium will use 250 W, and each cremation will take around 4 seconds.

Leave Corpses to Rot

If you just want an easy answer to this question, then you just need to leave the corpses to rot.

Just set up a dumping stockpile zone where you deposit only corpses. Set is relatively far from your colony, and wait.

The bodies will slowly decompose and will disappear in at least 100 days. Though this method isn’t efficient in any way, it is the simplest and most common one.

That’s everything you need to know about what to do with corpses in RimWorld!

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