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There are many reasons why you might get prisoners in RimWorld. You might want to recruit them, you might want to enslave them, or you might just want to sell them.

However, whatever your reason, prisoners come with a set of clothes (or, sometimes, without one) that you might think you can’t change.

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You can give orders to the prisoner, so how are you going to force them to wear the special duster you made them?

Well, here is how you can give prisoners clothes in RimWorld and make them wear them.

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How to Give Prisoners Clothes in RimWorld

So, you managed to get yourself a prisoner in RimWorld, but they are either naked or just not ready for the temperature in your settlement.

Well, there is a way to give the prisoner some clothes, but there is no way to force them to wear them as you would a normal pawn.

To give prisoners in RimWorld, you will need to create a stockpile in the prisoner’s room. Preferably, it will be one or two tiles, depending on how many clothes you want to give the prisoner.

You will have to set the stockpile to only deposit the clothes you want the prisoner to wear and then force one of your pawns to haul it over to the stockpile. Select the stockpile after you have created it, and then press the Storage button.

Make sure everything has a red X next to it and only the clothes you want to give have a green checkmark. To do this, press the Clear all button and then press the X for the item you want to move there. Then, set the Priority to Critical so you know someone will send the item right now.

Now, just move the clothes there. If you don’t see the option to force haul the item, remove the specific item from your normal stockpile’s storage. Go into the Storage option of your normal stockpile and remove the item after finding it in the Apparel category.

Once the clothes reach the prisoner’s room, they will either put them on or leave them there. If they are naked and they feel it’s warm or chilly, they will most likely put them on.

If they are a nudist, they will most likely leave them there. However, if their ideology makes them a nudist, you can convert them, and then they will likely put on the clothes.

That’s everything you need to know about how to give prisoners clothes in RimWorld!

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