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There are many ways to get your hands on energy and electricity in RimWorld. There are the natural, renewable sources and more aggressive types.

Chefuel is a very important resource in RimWorld that will help you with electricity and a lot of explosive weapons.

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Luckily, you can get your hands on chemfuel in RimWorld by milking it from boomalopes or by processing wood in a biofuel refinery.

If that wasn’t clear enough to get the job done, you can read below a detailed explanation of how to get or make chemfuel in RimWorld.

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How to Get Chemfuel in RimWorld

There are two simple ways to get or make chemfuel in RimWorld:

  • Milk it from Boomalopes
  • Use a Biofuel Refinery

Milk Chemfuel

The boomalope has other uses besides annoying you when they explode next to your base. These large exploding antelopes will produce chemfuel if tamed and farmed.

In many ways, the boomalopes are the best source of chefuel in RimWorld, as they only require grazing lands and the occasional kibble or hay to survive.

To get chemfuel from them, you just need to treat them the same way you would a cow or goat. Just keep them fed, and your pawns will occasionally milk them for chemfuel. A boomalope will produce 11 chemfuel per day, which is an amazing yield.

To tame a wild boomalope, you will need at least level 5 in Animals. They are herbivores, so make sure to have hay or kibble on hand.

Make Chemfuel at Biofuel Refinery

The most industrial and straightforward way to make chemfuel in RimWorld is by building a biofuel refinery.

You can unlock this building by researching Biofuel refining right after Electricity. To build it, you will need 150 steel and 3 components.

Make sure you know exactly where you want to leave this building, as you can’t move it once it has been placed, just deconstructed.

The biofuel refinery works as most workshops in RimWorld. To make chemfuel, you will need to set a bill at the refinery.

You will have two choices:

  • Wood
  • Raw food

The first choice will be to set a bill to turn wood into chemfuel. To do this, you will spend 70 wood to get 35 chemfuel.

Otherwise, you can use 3.5 worth of raw food nutrition to get the same amount of chemfuel.

Infinite Chemreactor

Even though we said that there are two ways to get chemfuel in RimWorld, there is also another, more unique way to make it.

The infinite chemreactor can produce 75 chemfuel every 10 days as long as it is connected to power. This special building can only be obtained from quests, which means it is not something everyone can get.

Since quest rewards are random, there is no way to make sure that you can get the infinite chemreactor in your playthrough.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get/make chemfuel in RimWorld!

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