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Animals need a lot of food in RimWorld to survive. You will also need it to tame new animals that you want to join the colony.

Since you probably wouldn’t want to use lavish meals to tame and train animals, you should make them special food that only they will like.

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Luckily, kibble is exactly that! Cheap food that only animals should eat, which your pawns can make in seconds.

Here is how you can make kibble in RimWorld and make all of your animals happy.

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How to Make Kibble in RimWorld

To make kibble in RimWorld, all you need to do is select your butcher table or spot and press the Add Bill button. Then, select the “Make kibble” option.

Your pawns will now be tasked with making one portion of kibble. This will result in them actually making 35 (at the butcher spot) or 50 (at the butcher table) kibble.

To actually make kibble, you will need 1 nutrition of vegetarian food and 1 nutrition of meat. This means something around 20 rice, for example, and 20 animal meat.

Since this is done at the butcher spot or table, you will have to assign a pawn to the cooking task. They will start making the kibble themselves if they have the necessary ingredients and time.

Kibble is a good food source since it does not rot. However, humans will be very upset if they eat kibble. It should only be used as a last resort.

Since it isn’t an extremely efficient way of using food, it would be much more beneficial for humans to eat meals or pemmican.

Advantages of Feeding Animals Kibble in RimWorld

Kibble is the only meal in RimWorld that allows the use of hay. This might sound incredible to you if you made a lot of hay for your animals.

Another great advantage that you get from kibble is that animals can’t overeat it to fill their food stat. Normally, if animals eat meals, for example, they would get more nutrition than they would actually need from them.

If left unattended, animals can start eating your lavish meals, which could fill up their food meter 2 times.

Kibble, on the other hand, has an extremely low nutrition score, which means that they won’t eat more than they need to.

This is why kibble is the best source of food for smaller animals who have a lower maximum food stat.

Kibble can also be used to train animals, which is impossible with normal meals. This makes kibble a must if you want to make your animals useful.

There is also no chance of getting food poisoning from kibble, so if you have horrible cooks and don’t mind a -12 mood modifier, then you can also use kibble in the early game for food.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make kibble in RimWorld!

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