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The first thing that you will usually have to build in RimWorld is walls. These are necessary to make rooms and keep your pawns safe and warm.

However, there are a lot of materials that you can use to make walls in RimWorld, and you would have no idea which one is better without trying the out.

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Luckily, we have tested all of the walls in RimWorld and can tell which ones are the best for each situation.

So, here are the best walls to build in RimWorld and what the materials that you should use for them are.

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All Wall Materials in RimWorld and Their Stats

There are exactly 12 materials in RimWorld that you can use to build walls. Each one of these has special stats that make them very different from each other.

The most important stats when it comes to walls is their HP and flammability. You want to make sure that your wall won’t fall over from two hits from a wild animal, and that it won’t burn down in a few seconds.

Here is a list of all of the wall materials in RimWorld, along with their HP, beauty, flammability, and build time:

Wall MaterialHPBeautyFlammabilityBuild Time
Wooden Wall1950100%1 to 2 seconds
Marble Wall36010%15 seconds
Slate Wall39000%16 seconds
Sandstone Wall42000%13 to 14 seconds
Limestone Wall46500%16 seconds
Granite Wall51000%16 seconds
Jade Wall150100%11 seconds
Golden Wall1802040%2 seconds
Silver Wall210640%2 seconds
Steel Wall300040%2 seconds
Plasteel Wall84000%5 seconds
Uranium Wall75000%4 seconds

Best Wall Materials in the Early Game in RimWorld

It is non-debatable that the first walls you should build in the first week in RimWorld are wooden walls.

More than 90% of the maps have an abundant source of wood, and you can easily form a decent enough base before upgrading to some walls that don’t burn down at the first lightning strike.

If you end up choosing a mountainous region for your playthrough that doesn’t have a lot of wood, you should probably mine your way into the mountains, so the walls don’t matter that much at the moment.

Otherwise, if you want stone walls from the start and you need to build them fast, try to build sandstone walls.

Sandstone walls are the fastest stone walls you can build in RimWorld. They also have more HP than marble and slate, which makes them a decent choice until the mid-game.

Best Wall Materials For Security in RimWorld

Even though you will probably use a different material for the inner parts of your base and for the bedrooms, your colony will need incredibly strong walls on the outer side.

Either for the killbox or for the outskirts of your colony, you will need very resistant walls that can’t break down easily when faced with raiders.

This is why the best materials to use for security in RimWorld are made of granite and plasteel. Since you should probably use multiple layers of walls for protection, using both materials wouldn’t be that farfetched.

Granite is the best stone out of the bunch since it has the highest amount of HP. A granite wall will have 510 HP, which is really good.

After building two layers of granite, you can also put up a plasteel layer of walls behind them to make sure that nothing gets through.

Plasteel is the best material in the game for weapons and armor, and it is also the best for walls. The only problem is that you would likely want to use plasteel for other endeavors.

So, if you have plasteel that you feel would be best used as walls, then do it. A plasteel wall has 840 HP, and it isn’t flammable, as opposed to normal steel walls.

If you somehow have more uranium than plasteel, it is also a good replacement for the plasteel walls. Uranium walls are the second strongest in RimWorld, with 750 HP per wall.

Best Wall Materials For Mood and Beauty in RimWorld

Now that you know what materials you should use for your outer walls, let’s see what would work best inside the base.

Since colonists spend most of their time around their bedrooms, rec rooms, and dining rooms, these locations should have walls that impress them and raise their moods.

The best wall material for inner bases is marble. It has a rating of 1 beauty, it isn’t flammable, and it should be available in abundance if you checked the map beforehand for it.

If you also decorate the rooms properly, all your pawns will be very impressed with the architecture you have shown them across the base.

There are also choices of materials that can explode the beauty rating of any room. However, these wouldn’t be the best uses of these materials.

A gold wall has a beauty rating of 20. However, it is flammable, it will increase the wealth of your colony (which is a bad thing due to powerful raiders), and it is, honestly, a waste of resources.

If you really wanted to go crazy with the beauty, you could build jade walls, which have a beauty rating of 10 and aren’t flammable. Their market value is also 20 times less than that of golden walls, which makes them a much better choice.

That’s everything you need to know about the best materials to use to build walls in RimWorld!

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