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RimWorld has an amazing cast of randomly generated colonists that you can get and help survive.

However, at one point, you might start wondering if you have too many pawns. Or if the number of colonists that are working in your colony is not enough.

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Well, there is a relative number of colonists that the game suggests behind the scenes, which is actually a good objective for you to achieve.

So, here is how many colonists you should have in RimWorld, and what is the maximum amount you could have.

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Optimal/Best Number of Colonists to Have in RimWorld

The best, optimal number of colonists that you should have in RimWorld is between 12 and 18. The game also thinks this way, as it starts making your life harder if you pass the 18 threshold.

Normally, having less than 12 pawns will usually result in many problems, as you don’t have enough people to handle all of your problems.

After one dangerous raid, some food poisoning, and some diseases, you might realize that you don’t have enough manpower to survive.

Both Phoebe and Cassandra will try to get you to have 12 colonists, as it is set in their settings as the minimum required colony size.

Until you reach 12 colonists, these two storytellers will increase the chance of you getting events that give your new pawns.

However, once you pass 18, their “maximum” colony size setting, the amount of recruitment events will fall radically.

There is no problem in getting more than 18 colonists in RimWorld, though. One problem you might have is that once you get over 20, the game starts getting boring.

You won’t be as invested in your characters, and a lot of them won’t have anything to do during their work time.

Still, in the end-game, it would be better to go over the 18 colonists number, just in case some of your pawns start dying left and right.

How Many Colonists Can You Have in Total in RimWorld

There is no upper limit to how many colonists you can have in RimWorld. If you wanted to, you could have hundreds of them.

However, your computer will most likely give up at that point. Since your pawns can get pregnant and have children at any point, there is no way that the storyteller can stop your colony from growing.

The only problem is that with more colonists come more raiders. The more pawns you have, the more powerful the raiders and mechanoids that attack you are.

So, if you want to build the largest colony in RimWorld, you will have to make sure that you are prepared for the colossal raids that will come your way.

That’s everything you need to know about how many colonists you should have in RimWorld!

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