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The developers of RimWorld have decided that many of the best items in the game are almost impossible to get.

Medicine is one of the basic necessities that your pawns will need, and you will require three materials to make it: herbal medicine, cloth, and neutroamine.

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However, if you haven’t played RimWorld for long, you would have absolutely no idea what this neutroamine is and how you are supposed to get it.

Well, to help you keep your pawns alive, here is how to get neutroamine in RimWorld, and whether or not there is a way to make it.

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Can You Make Neutroamine in RimWorld

Is there any way to make neutroamine in RimWorld? The answer is no, you cannot craft neutroamine in RimWorld.

Even though it is one of the mandatory ingredients that you will need to make industrial-level medicine, the game won’t give you any way to make this material.

If you want neutroamine in RimWorld, you will need to get your hands on it in other ways.

How to Get Neutroamine in RimWorld

There are three ways you can get neutroamine in RimWorld:

  • Trade
  • Raids
  • Cargo Pods


Trade is the most reliable way to get neutroamine in RimWorld. You can find neutroamine for sale at any one of the Outlander settlements on the world map.

Just form a caravan and head over there to get some neutroamine, which has a market value of $6.

Another source of trade that can get you neutroamine in RimWorld is orbital traders. These are merchants that spend their time in the skies, and that can bring advanced resources to your base.

You will need to construct an orbital trade beacon, which can be accessed once the Microelectronics research project has been done.


Ignoring the fact that technologically advanced raiders have a slight of carrying neutroamine with them, you can get this powerful resource in RimWorld by raiding faction bases.

If you attack the bases of Outlanders, you have a high chance of finding neutroamine inside. The only problem you might have is that Outlanders are relatively powerful and have great defenses.

But they will always have some neutroamine you can loot from their bases. Worst case scenario, you will find industrial-level medicine there that you can just pick up.

Otherwise, if you don’t want to go raiding, you can hope that the raiders attacking your base will be carrying this material.

Cargo Pods

Your last possible source of neutroamine is the random cargo pods that can fall around your colony. Since this is a random event, this should not be something you should expectantly wait for.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get neutroamine in RimWorld!

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