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RimWorld is a dangerous game where your colonists will not survive for even a day without proper security.

The non-stop raids will make sure that none of them are sleeping and feeling well.

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However, a few more people would surely help you deal with the problem. And since raiders come uninvited all the time, why not capture and recruit them?

Here is how you can capture raiders in RimWorld and make them become your pawns.

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How to Capture Raiders in RimWorld

In RimWorld, there is a set chance for downed enemies to always die, no matter what types of weapons and attacks you use.

Even if you beat someone with a stick, if they faint from the pain, there is a high chance that they will die if they are an enemy raider.

So, knowing this, what is the best way to capture raiders in RimWorld? Well, to capture a raider, you will first need to down them. There are three ways for a pawn to become downed:

  • Consciousness below 30%
  • Reach Pain Shock Threshold (usually Pain 80%)
  • Moving capacity below 15%

If you bring the pain of a raider to 80%, they will first face the wrath of the storyteller, who will randomly decide if the raider will die or not.

But, if you somehow bring the consciousness of the raider below 30%, you won’t have to deal with the random set death chance.

So, there is a clear way to try to go for easy downs: blood loss.

Extreme Blood Loss (over 60% Blood Loss) will result in 10% maximum consciousness for the raider. The only problem now is that there is a high chance that the raider will bleed out if they reach this level too fast.

A good way to make an enemy bleed but not leave them dead is to use long-range rifles that shoot fast and deal low damage.

If you really want to recruit a specific raider, then you have to keep their Health tab open and check up on them as you fight.

You need to make sure that their Pain counter doesn’t go over 80% and that the Blood Loss gets over 60%.

Even after you downed an enemy, you can still hit them a few times to make sure that you keep their Health stats in that range to make their capture easier.

Best Way to Capture Raiders in RimWorld

There is a special weapon in RimWorld that will allow you to instantly make an enemy get into a psychic shock state. This weapon is the Psychic shock lance.

This amazing weapon cannot be crafted and can instantly down any enemy in a really long range. However, there is a 30% chance that the raider will also suffer brain damage.

The only problem with the Psychic shock lance is that it only has 2 uses, and then it will disappear.

If you really want to recruit a specific raider, then this is the best weapon to capture and recruit any enemy in RimWorld. But, since you only have 2 uses, make sure to be careful with it.

Also, you can only get the Psychic shock lance from Exotic Goods traders or faction bases.

That’s everything you need to know about how to capture raiders in RimWorld!

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