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The transhumanist ideology in RimWorld will allow your colonists to achieve incredible things at the expense of constant energy use.

These pawns will have constant demands for special buildings, such as the neural supercharger, which will give you a few bonuses and benefits.

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However, they will be very angry if they don’t have them, and the neural supercharger, for example, will use a lot of electricity to function.

In this guide, we will explain exactly what the neural supercharger is, how it works, how to build and place it, and how to use it in RimWorld.

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What is the Neural Supercharger in RimWorld

The neural supercharger in RimWorld is a special building that you can only make if your ideology has the transhumanist meme. This, along with the sleep accelerator and the biosculpter pod, is needed to keep your pawns happy.

If your colony follows a transhumanist ideology and they don’t have a neural supercharger in the colony, every believer will get a -6 moodlet debuff.

In theory, the neural supercharger is a machine that boosts the brain capacity and efficiency, giving the user the Neural Supercharge buff. The real effects of the buff are +10% Consciousness, +25% Global Learning, and +20% Hunger Rate.

What the +10% Consciousness buff actually does is boost stats such as Manipulation and Talking by 10%. If you also already have problems with Consciousness, it will help bring it back to a normal level (100% being the norm), which will also improve the Moving stat.

The best thing about this buff is the +10% Manipulation, which boosts the colonists’ skills in Plants, Crafting, Medical, and Construction.

The Neural Supercharge buff will last for 24 in-game hours. The machine also takes 24 hours to charge, which means that if you have enough superchargers, you can keep the buff constantly going 24/7.

The only real debuff is the +20% Hunger Rate, which shouldn’t be a problem for transhumanists. Since they have no problem with eating nutrient paste, food shouldn’t be a problem compared to the advantages.

How to Build a Neural Supercharger in RimWorld

To build the neural supercharger in RimWorld, you will first need to research it. The Neural supercharger project should become available for research after the Microelectronics project. Luckily, you won’t need anything else to complete this research, such as techprints.

Now, to actually build the neural supercharger, you will need 50 steel and 4 components. You can find it in the Ideology category in the Architect menu.

Only pawns with a transhumanist meme in their ideology are allowed to build this machine. If you researched it but have no transhumanists in your colony, you won’t even find it in the Architect menu.

The exact location where you place the neural superchargers is not that important, as they are passthrough and don’t work any differently if there is light or the room is dirty. The only thing that the neural supercharger needs to work is electricity.

This machine will constantly use 400w of power, and you can’t make it use any less. Since it will constantly charge, it will need that constant flow of power. Since there are no debuffs for not using the neural supercharger, you won’t need to make a lot of them, saving you some power.

However, if you truly want to benefit from this machine, you will need to make one for each colonist. But, this will take a huge amount of resources and electricity.

The best way to make sure that you get the most out of the neural supercharger is to place them in each bedroom. This way, you will always be sure that your pawns are getting their daily dose of supercharge buffs.

How to Use a Neural Supercharger in RimWorld

You won’t have to do anything to use the neural supercharger in RimWorld. There are only two special buttons that appear when you select the neural supercharger.

One of them will allow you to select who should use it, and the second one will allow guests to use it. For the first button, you will have three choices:

  • Nobody uses it
  • Transhumanists use it
  • Everyone uses it

In general, pawns will use the neural supercharger as they use food. When they see the opportunity to use it, and if the machine is selected to allow them to supercharge, colonists will approach the neural supercharger by themselves and will use it.

To use the neural supercharger, you will first have to wait for it to charge for 24 hours. You will see a bar slowly filling up over the machine that will show you how long you have until it is charged.

Once it’s charged, pawns will automatically approach and use them, starting the charging process again. Usually, it might be best to set it to allow anyone to use it, as there is no reason to stop colonists with a different belief from gaining benefits from it.

That’s everything you need to know about the neural supercharger in RimWorld!

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