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There is only one thing more dangerous in RimWorld than raiders, manhunters, and random thunderstorms: infections.

There are many reasons why your colonists might get hurt during their survival years on the RimWorld, and they could usually just heal by going to bed.

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However, there are moments when a wound is just too much when the blood is flowing from too many directions, and that is when they need medicine.

So, to save your pawns from imminent death, here is how you can make Medicine in RimWorld.

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All Medicine types in RimWorld

There are three types of Medicine your colonists can find or make in RimWorld:

  • Herbal Medicine
  • Medicine
  • GlitterWorld Medicine

All of these require different methods to be made and acquired, so here is how you can do that:

How to Make Herbal Medicine in RimWorld

Herbal Medicine is what you are going to get your hands on all the time during RimWorld’s early game.

To get Herbal Medicine in RimWorld, all you need to do is harvest healroot plants. You can see how they look in the screenshot above.

Just order your colonists to harvest the plant and you will get the Herbal Medicine. This low-tier medicine is great for minor injuries that usually won’t result in death.

You will also need to get your hands on this medicine if you plan to craft higher-tier stuff. The next higher-level medicine requires 1 of these lower-tier ones to be made.

Though you can find wild healroot on almost every map, it would be a good idea to also make your own healroot farm.

How to Make Industrial-tech Medicine in RimWorld

To make industrial-tech Medicine, you will first need to have discovered and built a Drug Lab. The tech that unlocks this lab is one of the first ones you can research, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get it.

Once you have built the Drug Lab and also researched the Medicine production tech, you can place an order to make Medicine for 3 cloth, 1 Herbal Medicine, and neutroamine.

You will need a colonist with at least Intellectual +4 and Crafting +4. The only problem with making Medicine in RimWorld is the last resource we listed for crafting.

Neutroamine is a rare resource that can’t be crafted and can only be obtained through trade or raids, making industrial-tech Medicine very hard to make.

How to Get GlitterWorld Medicine in RimWorld

GlitterWorld Medicine is the best type of medicine found in RimWorld. It can’t, unfortunately, be crafted.

Players can only get this really powerful medicine from various traders and bases for around 60 silver.

You can also get GlitterWorld medicine through various quests, from the bodies of raiders and in some ancient shrines.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make medicine in RimWorld!

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