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So you had that event where a lot of chickens self-tamed and joined your colony in RimWorld?

Maybe you just bought a few from a trader recently and don’t know what to do with them.

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Chickens might sound a bit weird to RimWorld players, and most might be wondering how exactly they feed them.

Well, here is exactly what chickens eat in RimWorld, and how you can feed them.

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    What do Chickens Eat in RimWorld

    Chickens might be a bit weird because you can’t find them in the wild, but they work exactly the same as the other pack animals in RimWorld.

    The chickens in RimWorld eat grass and hay, like all the other animals. You just need to put them in a pen, as you would with any other animal, and then they will feed themselves.

    An adult chicken needs 0.22 nutrition per day, so placing them alongside your other animals shouldn’t be a problem.

    However, chickens reproduce incredibly fast, producing a chick every day. This means that you will have to be very careful with your chickens since they can easily get out of control.

    They also grow in 12 days to adulthood. You will most likely find yourself with thousands of chickens if you don’t pay attention.

    Males are known as Roosters and are characterized by their reddish brown hue, whilst females are known as Hens and are white. Chicks are babies of any gender who are sunny yellow.

    An adult chicken will yield 42 meat when butchered, and a chick will give you 12 meat. Players won’t get any kind of leather from slaughtering chickens.

    How to Get Chickens in RimWorld

    There are only two ways to get chickens in RimWorld:

    • Self tame event
    • Trading

    As you spend your time surviving, there is a chance that you will just get an event where a bunch of chickens will join your colony and self-tame.

    Once you have them, just set them up in a pen and then make sure that they don’t reproduce to infinity.

    Otherwise, you can get chickens from traders. Traveling merchants have chickens sometimes, so pay attention when they come over.

    You are most likely to find chickens in other settlements, so making a caravan to travel wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    That’s everything you need to know about what chickens eat in RimWorld!

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