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There are a lot of resources that your pawns can consume in RimWorld. Many of them will benefit them. Others will just cause a lot of damage and will actually annoy you.

Colonists can either consume food or drugs. Drugs tend to have horrible repercussions. However, they will boost mood to the skies.

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Luckily, there is a way to boost mood and not end up dying (usually). And that is with the help of beer. But how exactly do you make it?

To get your pawns friendly and tipsy here is how to make beer in RimWorld in a few simple steps.

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How to Make Beer in RimWorld

Grow Hops

The first step to making beer in RimWorld is planting hops. You will need someone that has at least level 3 in Plants to grow hops.

Hops take around 5 days to grow in 100% fertility tiles, so if you want to speed up the process, just plant them in rich soil (140% fertility). A single tile will produce around 8 hops, and you will need at least 25 hops to make one beer.

Research Beer Brewing

Now, to actually get started on the beer-making process, you will need to research “Beer brewing.” You can find this project at the start of the research tree, right next to devilstrand and stonecutting.

Since this is one of the easiest projects to research in RimWorld, it shouldn’t take you a long time, even at tribal tech.

Make Beer

Once you know about Beer brewing, you will need to make two things:

  • Brewery
  • Fermenting barrels

The brewery building can be found in the Production category, and it will require 120 wood and 30 steel to make. Fermenting barrels are also there, and you will only need 10 steel and 30 wood per barrel.

At the brewery building, your cook will be able to turn 25 hops into 5 wort. The speed it takes to do this is solely based on the skill of the cook. Once you have made that wort, your pawns will haul it inside the fermenting barrels.

After 6 days, the wort will convert into beer. You can place 25 wort inside a single fermenting barrel, and 25 beer will come out 6 days later.

The wort will ferment simultaneously, so if you place wort in the same barrel at different times, the beer will be delayed, and it will come out later.

Another important part that you will need to keep an eye out for is the temperature. The fermenting barrels need to be in rooms that have a temperature between 7 and 32°C (45 and 89°F).

If the temperature goes above 32°C or below -1°C (30°F), the wart inside the barrels will spoil, and the beer-making process will have to start over.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make beer in RimWorld!

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