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Quests are a big part of the RimWorld experience. Since there are dozens of factions scattered across the world, you will need to befriend them.

These quests that they will offer you are the second-best way to befriend them and also an amazing way to get powerful items in the early game.

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There are a lot of types of quests that can give you problems. Some will require you to leave your camp, while others will just need you to fulfill various tasks across your colony.

Here is how you can do and fulfill quests successfully in RimWorld, without angering all your neighbors.

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Quests in RimWorld Explained

All of the quests in RimWorld you can start, are doing, or are finished can all be found in the Quests tab at the bottom of the screen.

Almost all of your quests will be offered by other factions, besides the occasional independent charity quests and the ones from AIs.

Each time you get a quest, you will have to read its description and choose one out of three rewards. Usually, the first two rewards are powerful items, and the third one is a bonus relationship with the quest-giving faction. The second reward can also be a possible new recruit.

Most quests will get two timers. One for when you need to decide if you want to accept the quest and a second one after you’ve accepted it, telling you how much it has been since you’ve accepted the mission.

The only missions that don’t have timers are end-game quests that you can accept at any time (i.e. the Ship to the Stars quest).

There are a few ways to fail quests in RimWorld. The most obvious one is to let the timer for the quest end and not pick it up. Usually, there won’t be any repercussions for not accepting quests.

If you’ve got the reward for the quest right after accepting it, then it doesn’t matter how you finish the quest. However, there will be some missions that will only give you a reward after finishing the quest.

All quests have a difficulty that will decide how powerful the raids are compared to your current wealth score. This rating goes from one star to four. Only end-game quests have 4 stars.

All Types of Quests in RimWorld

There are two clear types of quests in RimWorld that can easily be categorized by their completion location:

  • Colony quests
  • World Map quests

For a lot of quests, you will just have to do a task on your colony map. A person could fall from the skies next to your colony, a faction is asking you to defeat their enemies as they attack your base, or just protect a random noble from animals.

These are the simpler quests where the storyteller will send challenges at your base as they would raids, but you are the one choosing if they happen or not.

Sometimes, you won’t even have to fight. There will be quests where you can just accept having horrible weather for a while and get a reward for it.

The other type of quests you can get in RimWorld will involve you leaving your colony and heading to other locations on the world map.

To fulfill these quests, you will usually have to form a caravan and travel around on the world map to the desired locations. You can access the world map by pressing the World button in the bottom right corner.

On this map, you will see spots close to your home that, if you click on them, will say that they are related to a quest. Work sites and ruins are the most common quests.

There are also quests where you have to deliver items to the bases of a faction. To complete these types of quests in RimWorld, all you need to do is send a caravan to one of their settlements with their desired items.

How to Do Quests in RimWorld

Most quests in RimWorld have a clear goal that is properly described. You can see these, if you forgot, by opening the Quests tab. Then, go to the Active category.

Select the quest you have problems with and read the description again. In general, the game does a good job of describing what you have to do.

The quests where most players have problems are the ones where you have to leave the colony with a caravan to do something.

If it is a rescue mission, make sure to bring a lot of firepower. If it is a trade mission, just send some pawns with the items to one of their settlements. To easily find the location of your quest, select the mission from the Quests menu and press the “Jump to…” button at the bottom of the description.

Usually, all you need to do is learn how caravans and travel work in RimWorld, and those quests will become very easy to fulfill.

That’s everything you need to know about how to do quests in RimWorld!

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