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There are a lot of sources for silver in RimWorld that players can use to their benefit. Things such as food, weapons, and armor are always good sources of income.

However, one of the best sources of money in RimWorld has to be clothing. Apparel is easy to make and only requires growable resources, which are abundant.

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But, there are many types of clothes one can make in RimWorld, and all of their prices and quality are very different from one another.

So, if you are wondering what the best clothing to sell in RimWorld is, here is the answer.

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Best Material to Make Clothing to Sell in RimWorld

First of all, before thinking about what type of clothing you should sell in RimWorld, you have to know which type of material will bring you the most profit.

There is one crop that will make you a lot of money if you use it to make clothes. You can also use it to make furniture and carpets, which will impress all your pawns.

The best material that you should use when making clothes in RimWorld is devilstrand. Devilstrand is one of the strongest materials in the game for clothing, and it provides amazing protection from heat and cold.

Compared to cloth, the easiest to procure clothing material, devilstrand clothes have almost 3 times the market value.

If you also have a really good map full of animals, you should also consider using chinchilla and guinea pig fur. You can try to first tame them to increase their population and then start using their extremely expensive fur.

What is the Best Clothing to Sell in RimWorld

For the base RimWorld game, without any DLCs, the best clothing to sell is the duster. Dusters are extremely profitable when considering the number of resources invested compared to the market value.

A basic devilstrand duster will have a market value of 475 silver. Since you can make a lot of these for just 80 devilstrand a piece, you could be making a lot of money very fast.

If you have the Royalty DLC, you can also make formal vests and corsets. Both the formal vest and the corset only require 45 textile materials per piece and will get you around 290 market value using devilstrand.

All these three choices are really good. The dusters are still good choices even if they don’t get you as much money since they are incredibly good clothes for protection as well.

Their really good protection against heat makes them really stand out. They also have above-average defense against attacks. So, if you can’t afford armor, devilstrand dusters are the way to go.

That’s everything you need to know about the best clothing to sell in RimWorld!

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