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There are many illnesses and medical problems that your pawns can face daily in RimWorld. Depending on the chosen storyteller, these can be mild or severe.

If you are a fan of Randy Random, then you know that annoying illnesses, such as gut worms, can hit you at any time.

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Unfortunately, there is no “immunity” mechanic for gut worms. You also can’t die from them since there is also no “severity” mechanic.

So how do you get rid of gut worms in RimWorld? You can find the answer below.

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How to Get Rid of Gut Worms in RimWorld

Gut worms can randomly appear in your RimWorld colony and affect many pawns. Since they cannot get immunity to gut worms through time, you will need to fix this problem manually.

To get rid of gut worms in RimWorld, a patient needs to get the illness treated by a doctor until a total of 300% quality treatment has been performed.

If this does not sound clear enough, here is an example:

The first time you treat someone with gut worms in RimWorld, they get a 50% quality treatment. After 48 hours, you will be able to do another treatment. This one results in a 100% quality treatment.

Once you do another two treatments, both 75% quality treatment, the patient will finally get rid of the gut worms. The total of the 4 treatments was at least 300%, resulting in the elimination of the gut worms.

The most efficient way to get rid of gut worms in RimWorld is to have your best doctor using the best medicine and getting at least 100% quality for each treatment. This means that in about 4 days, the pawn will be rid of gut worms.

Alternative Methods and How to Prevent Gut Worms

Another method to get rid of gut worms is to use the healer mech serum, which cures any health problems. However, this would be a huge waste.

The best way to make sure that gut worms will never be a problem again is to add a bionic stomach to all of your pawns.

A colonist with a bionic stomach is immune to gut worms, allowing you to forget they ever existed.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get rid of gut worms in RimWorld!

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