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Electricity in RimWorld is a game-changer. Without it, the whole planet just seems a lot more hostile and dangerous.

With the help of electricity, players can craft, cook, and research faster. Lighting is much easier to sustain, and overall happiness increases.

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However, most sources of energy don’t constantly produce enough watts for days and nights. To solve this problem, you will need to store excess energy in batteries to use later.

Since you probably need a more extensive explanation of how batteries work in RimWorld, we have prepared an extensive guide for you below with more information.

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How do Batteries Work in RimWorld?

Batteries in RimWorld work exactly the same as batteries in the real world. Players will have to use batteries to store excess energy from their solar panels, geothermal generators, windmills, and so on.

Usually, most power generators will produce more energy than you need. And these surges of energy are not constant.

For example, a solar generator will give you 1700 watts during the day but 0 at night. Your base could be using around 600 watts during the whole day and night.

To make sure that your energy doesn’t go to waste, you create batteries that will stockpile the excess watts from the power generators. Your base should start using those batteries, in our example, during the night, when there is no other source of electricity.

As long as the batteries are connected to the electricity grid, they will constantly stockpile energy and send it to the consumers when necessary.

How to Get Batteries in RimWorld?

To start using batteries in RimWorld, players will first need to research Battery. It becomes available right after learning Electricity. If you are doing a normal start, you should be able to research it right away.

Once you have researched batteries, you will have to build one. One single battery in RimWorld needs 70 steel and 2 components to build.

How and Where to Place Batteries in RimWorld

Batteries have a chance to explode in RimWorld. This can be extremely dangerous for your pawns and annoying for you.

First of all, batteries need to be placed indoors, under a roof. Otherwise, they can explode when it starts raining or snowing. You should usually place batteries in a room with nothing else in it.

These rooms should be separated from important locations in your base. The walls should also be made from non-flammable materials, such as marble, slate, or any other rock.

A strategy that you can use to keep your batteries safe is to make two different rooms where you deposit batteries. One should be the main power source, while the other should be deactivated with a power switch.

This means that one room full of batteries is full of energy, while the other is off, without any energy.

If a short circuit happens, all the batteries in the main room will explode. When this happens, you can turn on the power switch and let energy deposit in the 2nd battery room while you fix the main one.

It’s also a good idea to position the battery rooms next to an outside tile. This way, if the batteries explode, you can destroy one of the walls to let the heat get out.

Otherwise, your pawns will die from the heat when they go inside and try to stop the chaos.

How to Stop the Zzztt… Event in RimWorld

The best way to avoid short circuits (Zzztt… event) is to never place power conduits outside since rain or snow falling on them could cause a battery explosion.

Otherwise, there is a random chance that an explosion will happen as long as you use power conduits and batteries. To avoid permanent damage from this, it’s best to have two battery rooms.

That’s everything you need to know about batteries and how to get and place them in RimWorld!

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