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After working hard in daily events, completing quests, opening Alliance chests, and destroying forts, you may be at a loss on how to get the most bang out of your hard-earned gems.

Gems are very valuable; you cannot afford to be reckless when spending them.

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You should spend your gems during the More than Gems event to maximize the value you get from them. During this event, you will get extra rewards for spending your gems.

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Best way to spend gems

Above anything else, you should first and foremost focus on getting your VIP level up to level 6.

That’s because level 6 comes with massive advantages.

For example, VIP level 6 gives you the power to build multiple structures at the same time, and this is very beneficial.

Next, you should focus on the More than Gems event for speedups, the VIP shop, the Mysterious Merchant, Wheel of Fortune, and Books of Covenant.

There are quests in this event, and you can only participate by spending your gems.

If you spend your gems wisely on those quests, the returns can be massive.

Start saving up your gems when you see the More than Gems event is approaching.

With the More than Gems event, you get to both participate in the event and get rewards as well.

Some of the rewards you will get include;

  • Speedups
  • Tomes
  • Resources
  • Sculptures
  • Golden keys

During the More than Gems event, you can spend your gems on;

  • Items in your VIP Shop.
  • Items in the Courier Station.
  • VIP points.

Here is a more detailed overview of what to spend your gems on in Rise of Kingdoms in order.

1 – Buy VIP points

The benefits of higher VIP ranks are undeniable.

We recommend you use your gems to get to VIP level 6 before anything else.

After that, depending on your situation, you might want to start purchasing other items or go directly for VIP level 10.

For every gem, you will get 1 VIP point. After level 10, you should start only spending your gems on other items.

Later on in the game, when your kingdom is running well, you want to start purchasing more VIP points with gems, though.

2- Speedups from More than Gems and VIP shop

If you are interested in speedups, then check out the More than Gems event, as it offers you just that at great discounts.

Speedups are one of the most important items in Rise of Kingdoms when it comes to progressing in the game.

Therefore, spending your gems on speedups here is a great decision.

You can also purchase speedups from the VIP shop, and the higher your VIP level, the more value you’ll get in terms of speedup time per gems spent – another reason to increase your VIP level.

3 – Mysterious Merchant

The Mysterious Merchant is available from time to time.

You will find amazing items to spend your gems on here.

The most important items are boosts.

With them, you can buy more building, training, and healing time.

You can also purchase statues on the Mysterious Merchant and use them to star up your commanders.

You can always check the Mysterious Merchant to see if there any useful goodies worth grabbing.

If you are in an active alliance, you can also consider donating gems at this point in exchange for rewards.

For example, if you make 10,000 in gem donations, you will be rewarded with boosts, resources, and random loot.

4 – Wheel of Fortune

When the Wheel of Fortune event is live, spending gems on it can be a great idea, depending on your situation.

The rewards you get from Wheel of Fortune can be both resources, speedups, and commander-related items, including commanders.

Therefore, we recommend you spend your gems on this event if you are in need of better commanders or need to upgrade your current ones.

There are several powerful commanders you can get from the Wheel of Fortune, and you can get statues to upgrade the ones you already have.

5 – Books of Covenant

Books of Covenant are another item that you’ll most likely have some trouble acquiring enough of later on in the game.

You need Books of Covenant to upgrade your Castle building.

There are other ways to obtain the item, including defeating barbarian forts.

However, when you reach higher Castle levels, farming barbarians for the required number of Books of Covenant takes a very long time.

Therefore, we recommend you start purchasing Books of Covenant with gems when you reach higher Castle levels.

That’s the best way to spend your gems in Rise of Kingdoms!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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