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It’s one thing to unlock a commander, but it’s a totally different thing to have that commander rise to the maximum level. You need to know that leveling up a commander takes time, commitment, and dedication.

If you stay focused, you can rise steadily. With persistence, the progress you make over the next couple of months will be worth it.

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The fastest way to level up commanders in Rise of Kingdoms is to build forts, kill barbarians and guardians, participate in events, increase your VIP status level, and challenge yourself with expedition mode – more information below.

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Work on your VIP status level

Increasing your VIP status level can help you level up commanders fast.

With a high VIP level, you will have more experience books because you have a better VIP chest.

Most players usually use their gems to upgrade their VIP status.

A high VIP status level is beneficial in more than one way; you will acquire golden keys as well as both starlight and commander sculptures.

You will need all of these things to upgrade your commanders when the time is right.

Killing guardians and barbarians

Killing barbarians and guardians is a great way to level up your commanders.

Lohar and Aethelflaed are excellent commander picks when fighting barbarians.

With Lohar and Aethelflaed as commanders, the damage done to the barbarians will be extreme.

You will also reduce the cost of the action points needed to kill the barbarians by using these two commanders.

When you level up commander by killing barbarians, you will drop gems while speeding up on training.

If you want to maximize on this, make sure you attack at KVK time.

While you are at it, you can find a rune to increase your level of experience and level up commander in Rise of Kingdoms.

If you want to kill guardians, focus on those in zone 3 during KVK.

Make sure you have all peacekeeping commanders before you go for the guardians.

If you do this, you will gain more commander experience.

When you kill the guardians, you will be rewarded with blueprints for gear.

Destroy forts

The fastest way to level up your commander is by destroying forts.

To destroy more forts, you will need to be in an active alliance.

You also stand a chance of winning 50 action points every time you destroy a fort.

Boudica and Aethelflaed are the best commanders when playing players to destroy forts.

Forts are the hardest buildings to upgrade, and by destroying them you gain books of covenant.

Taking on a single commander at a time

If you try to level too many commanders at a time, your attention will be divided.

With your focus spread thin, you will thwart your ability to thrive in expedition mode, participate in important events and tackle stronger barbarians.

You should always remember that a high-level commander is more powerful.

A high-level commander can easily deal with tougher enemies and dominate them quickly.

With a single commander, you will acquire more experience and more rewards because you are fighting tougher enemies.

Think about the commander that you want, and once you make a choice, know that they are here to stay.

The trick is to choose a good commander straight-up.

Participate in events

So many events in Rise of Kingdoms give you Tome of Knowledge.

Events are a smart way to boost your leveling up commander process.

They may not reward you with a lot, but participating in events is important and every XP is critical.

You should always try to participate in events as much as you can, not for the experience alone, but also for the rewards that come with it.

Challenge yourself with expedition mode

Expedition mode is great for training commanders.

Once you complete 3 missions, you can collect the rewards and hand them over to the commanders of your choice as experience.

As you complete more stages, you get more books which you can give your commanders as experience.

The Return on Investment from Expedition mode is totally worth it.

Always try to play the Expedition Mode as much as you can.

Always stay active in Rise of Kingdoms and you will level up commander soon enough.

That’s how to level up your commanders fast in Rise of Kingdoms!

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