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Speedups are arguably the most important items in Rise of Kingdoms.

With them, you can develop your city faster, as they reduce training or building time.

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This means that you can instantly skip the time it takes to train troops, research technology, building, upgrade, and more, which is very powerful.

If you’re looking to progress quickly, farming speedups should be a priority for you.

You can get speedups in Rise of Kingdoms by participating in events, completing various tasks and quests, upgrading your City Hall, purchasing them, spending action points, and being in a strong alliance – find more information on each method below.

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Participating in events

There are many great events in Rise of Kingdoms, and from several of these, you can get speedups.

Therefore, we recommend you always check out what events are currently running and which are going to start soon.

Eve of Crusade, for example, is an event that you should definitely participate in to get speedups.

You can also participate in the Ceroli Crisis event and earn Ceroli currency.

You can spend this currency on speedups. Other events you can participate in to earn speedups include: 

  • Wheel of fortune
  • More than gems
  • Lohar’s Trial
  • Clarion Call
  • Era breakthrough
  • Imperial wealth
  • Tiles and bricks, among many others

Tasks and quests

Many tasks and quests in Rise of Kingdoms give speedups as a reward.

You can get them from the following tasks and quests:

  • Opening chests
  • Daily objectives
  • Quests
  • Farming barbarians
  • Sunset Canyon
  • Peerless Scholar

You can get speedups by opening chests with gold and silver keys.

You can get both building, research, and universal speedups as well as other great rewards, including sculptures and heroes from this.

Completing daily objectives is a great way to earn speedups as well as other useful items and resources.

Every single day, you get a set of new daily objectives to complete.

These are simple tasks that can be quickly completed.

Every daily objective you complete gives you activity points towards that day’s daily reward chests.

There are five reward chests to unlock in the daily objectives tab that are unlocked at 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 activity points.

The first four chests in the daily objective tab give at least one speedup, and the final chest gives both 100 gems and a golden key, both of which can be used to obtain additional speedups.

Quests are tasks that guide you through the game and gives you rewards upon reaching new milestones.

Some of the quests in the game give you speedups as a reward.

Fighting barbarians around the map is a nice way to earn additional resources. One of the rewards you can get upon defeating barbarians is speedups.

Sunset Canyon is one of the things you can do in the campaign section of Rise of Kingdoms.

Here, you will earn rewards for your efforts, even if you lose.

One of the rewards that you can get in here is speedups.

Every single day, the Peerless Scholar quiz will be available for you to take.

You will earn rewards depending on how well you perform.

Speedups are one of the rewards that you can get from doing the Peerless Scholar quiz.

In-game stores

There are multiple stores in Rise of Kingdoms where you can purchase speedups.

You can purchase speedups in the following in-game stores:

  • Mysterious merchant
  • Expedition medal store
  • Alliance shop
  • VIP shop

The mysterious merchant will visit your city from time to time.

When they do, an icon will appear over the Courier Station.

From the mysterious merchant, you can purchase items at a discounted rate.

As you defeat barbarians, upgrade buildings, and train troops, the mysterious merchant will appear with higher frequency.

You can purchase many different things from the mysterious merchant, including speedups.

Items the mysterious merchant sells can only be bought once until they appear again.

Sometimes the expedition medal store sells speedups, but this doesn’t happen all the time.

If you happen to see speedups in the expedition metal store, and you have medal coins, we recommend you buy them.

There are several types of speedups for sale in the alliance shop in Rise of Kingdoms.

We recommend you go for the 3-hour ones, as they give you the most value per individual credit spent.

Items in the VIP shop are usually sold at a discount.

This means that if you purchase speedups from the VIP shop, the chances are that you’ll be spending fewer gems than you would otherwise.

This is another reason why you want to start getting those VIP points to improve your VIP level.

Upgrade City Hall

Your City Hall is the most important building in Rise of Kingdoms, as it determines how much you can upgrade your remaining buildings, your total troop count, and more.

On top of being the best building to focus on in the game, upgrading your City Hall also gives you speedups as a reward upon upgrading it.

You can see the exact levels that give you speedups as a reward and how many in our City Hall guide.

Purchasing with money

Though this method does require you to spend real money, it is one of the ways to get speedups in the game.

You can purchase speedups by purchasing packs or gems and then spend those on speedups.

Spending action points

You can get a large number of speedups by spending action points – it is one of the best ways to get speedups in Rise of Kingdoms.

Saving your action points for KVK can be a great idea, as you can farm speedups by fighting barbarians.

Being in a wealthy alliance

If you’re lucky enough to be in a wealthy alliance, also known as a whale alliance, chances are you get easily get a lot of speedups.

Every time someone from your alliance buys something, you receive gift chests.

These chests contain great rewards, including speedups.

That’s how to get speedups in Rise of Kingdoms!

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