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VIP is a system that rewards you with powerful, exclusive bonuses and legendary sculptures depending on your VIP rank in the game.

More VIP points give you a higher VIP rank and better benefits.

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You can take advantage of these exclusive benefits by activating your VIP bonus.

Your current VIP status appears as part of your profile on the upper-left corner of the screen.

You can get VIP points by purchasing packages in the alliance shop, using your gems at the VIP shop, leveling up, claiming daily login rewards, and through alliance rewards – more information below.

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Purchase packages in the alliance shop

Every single purchase at the alliance shop earns you VIP points, depending on your current VIP tier.

The more points you collect, the more you advance in the VIP tier list.

To purchase these packages, you must have enough alliance credits.

For example, 50,000 alliance credits will buy you a single item that will earn you up to 100 VIP points.

If the alliance shop doesn’t have any VIP points to purchase, the leader of your alliance should be made aware, and they can add VIP points to the shop.

You can build forts, flags, participate in events, farm, donate or help alliance members to obtain credits to purchase packages.

Spend gems in the VIP shop

Every gem spent in the game earns you 1 VIP point.

Spending gems is the fastest way to increase your VIP level in Rise of Kingdoms.

If you want to make the most of your gems to earn VIP points, spend them during the “More than Gems” event.

If you are not rushing to get to a higher VIP level, then you should wait for this event.

Level up

Every time you gather enough XP to level up, you will earn VIP points.

Leveling up to earn VIP points is a great way to ensure that you progress through the game as well.

This method isn’t the best to get a lot of VIP points fast, but it is nice as you get other useful rewards at the same time and become stronger.

Daily login VIP points

At the top left side of the screen lies your VIP level status.

Every day, you can log in and click on it to redeem up to 200 VIP points.

Consecutive logins earn you more points.

Try logging in as frequently as you can, if not daily, to take advantage of these free VIP points.

Alliance rewards

As part of an active alliance, you may earn VIP points when an alliance member buys a chest.

There is always a chance of getting VIP points when these chests are opened, even though it’s not a guarantee.

The alliance rewards have 1000, 200, 100, 50, or 10 VIP points.

Try joining an alliance where members spend a lot.

This way, you can speed up the process.

As a free-to-play player, rewards are one of the best ways to get VIP points faster.

VIP point milestones

Depending on your VIP level, you can unlock the VIP shop by building shop when you get to Level 5 City Hall.

With the VIP Shop, you will spend fewer gems to purchase items.

Another crucial milestone is VIP level 10.

You will get one legendary commander sculpture, ToK, and resources inside the VIP level 10 exclusive chest available daily.

You can also purchase the Special Privileges Chest every time you get to a new VIP level.

With so many valuables in the chest at a discounted price, you are allowed to purchase only one chest for every VIP level.

Lastly, you can, of course, purchase gems to increase your VIP level quickly.

That’s how to get VIP points in Rise of Kingdoms!

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