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The alliance system in Rise of Kingdoms is a major part of the game, as much of the game consists around fighting alongside your alliance members and expanding your alliance’s territory.

Being in an alliance comes with a number of benefits, including access to the alliance store, alliance fights, and buffs.

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In this guide, we give you all the information you need about the alliance system in Rise of Kingdoms!

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What is an alliance?

An alliance in Rise of Kingdoms is a group of allied players who fight together and help each other grow.

In Rise of Kingdoms, an alliance is more of an advanced guild system, a brotherhood that you can either join or create.

As a member of an alliance, you can play with several people and invite your friends to share in the fun in all its forms.

The mechanics of the game are transformed entirely once you join an alliance so that you can enjoy an extraordinary gaming experience.

The growth of your civilization is fundamentally connected to the alliance, and one of the main tasks in Rise of Kingdoms is to be in an alliance, participating in its activities, and grow it.

You can grow your alliance by expanding its territory through building flags, fortresses and taking over neutral buildings (Holy sites, Lost temple, altars, shrines, and passes).

The territory an alliance owns is marked in color so that it’s clear who controls it.

As you play within the territory, you will get rewards such as improved gathering rates, increased damages caused to alliance enemies, and enhanced defenses.

All these will depend on how advanced the technology in your alliance is.

How to join an alliance

As a new player, you should focus on joining an alliance and growing your power.

Given all the benefits that come with being in an alliance, we recommend you join one as soon as possible.

Once you identify an alliance with active players you wish to join, you should request to join it.

To join an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, click the menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Alliance icon, click the JOIN button, and select an alliance from the list that you wish to join.

All alliances are either on an apply-basis or join-basis. You can join alliances that are on a join-basis just by selecting it and clicking join.

You have to apply and be accepted by the alliance leader if you wish to join an alliance that is on an apply-basis.

At the beginning of the game, we recommend you just join an alliance that is on a join-basis, as it can be difficult to get into an alliance that has to accept you first.

The alliances that are on an apply-basis are usually the stronger, more established alliances.

Once you’re in an alliance, take advantage of the benefits provided.

Following your acceptance into an alliance, you should be active and help other members of the alliance when they need it and participate in alliance events that are existing – both for the alliance’s benefit but also for your own.

How to create an alliance

Some players don’t want to join an existing alliance in the game.

They would rather create a new one they control.

There are a couple of requirements you need to meet if you are one of those:

  • You should have the alliance center building.
  • You must have 500 gems.

To create an alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, click the menu button in the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Alliance icon, and click the CREATE button.

On the alliance creation window, you will be required to personalize it, which includes giving it a name, tag, announcement, and flag.

In the announcement, it’s a good idea to state the kind of players you are looking for, what is required of them, and the language that is spoken in your alliance.

  • Name: this should be your alliance’s main name.  Language; do you want players who speak native or international languages?
  • Requirement: are you taking players instantly, or should they make an application first?
  • Alliance tag: this should be an initial of what the alliance represents with a maximum of 4 characters.
  • Announcement: this is a brief description of what the alliance is and what it stands for.
  • Alliance symbol: this is an Alliance Banner, also known as alliance flag, that you can design to your liking. It will represent your alliance and can be seen by other players in your kingdom.

Benefits of being in an alliance

An alliance will benefit you in many ways, one of the main ones being teleport.

As long as you are within alliance territory, you can use the territorial teleporter to move back and forth without having to worry about pass controls from another alliance.

You will also get access to useful benefits, including:

  • 300 free instant gems when you first join the alliance.
  • Alliance technologies 

As soon as you join an alliance, you will get access to a useful research tree.

With other members of the alliance, you can carry out various researches that benefit the whole alliance.

With more members of the alliance donating their resources, research on development, war, and territories can be done faster to the benefit of the whole alliance.

  • Alliance gifts 

When an alliance member makes a purchase on the in-game store or defeats an enemy, all members of the alliance win gifts (sculptures, store credits, and old coins).

Every gift gives an extra reward of 20-50 “key” points.

With 2,000,000 key points, you can open a special loot chest with goodies inside.

  • Alliance help 

Alliance members can help each other build/upgrade buildings and do research.

Every time you receive help, 1% of the time required to complete the activities is reduced.

As you help other alliance members, you also gain 10,000 store credits.

More buildings produce a greater stream of resources that you can benefit from as a member of the alliance.

Alliance members can also conquer holy sites for the benefit of all the members.

  • Speed bonus

You gain 25% gathering speed when you are harvesting resources inside the alliance territory.

  • Military protection 

Alliance members will help you fight raiders in times of war and give you protection during peaceful times.

You will also get help on the battlefield in Lohar’s Trial and Karuak Ceremony.

  • Resource points

With a larger alliance territory, you will have control of more resource points.

How to change alliance

Even alliances that were once great can become lethargic over time when members become inactive or leave.

When this happens, you may be faced with the difficult decision of moving on to greener pastures.

Make sure that the new alliance is worth it. Sometimes inactive alliances with inactive members can still run efficiently.

Even with inactive members, an extremely active alliance would still do better than many others as long as there are a few solid core members.

However, if you have decided to change alliance, here’s how to do it.

To change alliance in Rise of Kingdoms, open the alliance window by clicking the menu button in the bottom right corner, click the Alliance icon, and go to the settings tab on the left side of the alliance window – the bottom one. In the settings window, click Quit Alliance.

You are then no longer are a part of any alliance and can either create a new one or join another one.

As an alliance leader, you will only have the “Disband” option and not the “Quit” option.

If you are not the only member of that alliance you can transfer your leadership to another alliance member and then quit, allowing the alliance to keep existing.

This way, other members can still stay in the alliance and enjoy its advantages with the new leader.

Can you merge alliances?

No, you cannot merge alliances in Rise of Kingdoms.

Members of the alliances that want to merge would have to leave their current alliance and join the same new one, or all decide to join the same of one of the existing alliances.

How to get members in your alliance

Being in an active alliance is extremely beneficial.

Sometimes it becomes a little challenging for players looking for active alliances and alliances looking for members to find each other.

Inviting members into an alliance doesn’t have to be difficult, though.

To get members in your alliance, you can put out messages in the Kingdom Chat.

Alternatively, you can make your alliance open, which means people can join without applying, and it will quickly be filled.

For those looking for strong players, you want to have people apply to join your alliance, and the best way to attract good players is by building a strong, attractive alliance, which, of course, is no easy task.

Alliance buildings

There are three types of buildings that alliance members can build depending on available credits and resources. 

Alliance flags

Flags mark and expand alliance territory. They must be built along the borders of the territory.

For every 10 flags built, a single space for one extra member is added.

The cost of the flag also increases as members build more flags.

The alliance can build a maximum of 500 flags.

The more flags an alliance has built, the better their resource earnings and productions become.

Troops have the power to garrison flags outside of battle or reinforce them during an attack.

However, only alliance leaders and officers can repair them.

One of the important tasks as an alliance member during battle is to protect your alliance’s flags and keep within their reach.

A fort must be built first before a flag is created on it.

It is impossible to build alliance flags outside the alliance’s territory. 

Alliance resource center 

Every alliance is given a single slot for a resource center which can be a:

  • Stonepit
  • Granary
  • Wood lot
  • Motherlode

Members of the alliance are free to collect what they need from the resource center as long as it exists.

The resource center and the troops working on it can never be explored or attacked.

As an officer or a leader of an alliance, you should always have at least a single resource center to benefit alliance members.

Alliance fortresses

As the most important pillar of the alliance, the fortress should be the priority of the leader and all alliance members.

It must be protected and defended at all costs.

All members of the alliance must help construct the fortress because it is an essential building, and it also takes a lot of time to build.

Once the fortress has been built, the alliance can start building flags as well.

Only leaders have the power to enter the fortress and make necessary repairs.

Every fortress requires a different number of resources to build, which increases as more members join the alliance and the alliance territory expands.

The resources needed can be collected within the territory and then supplied to the alliance.

For example, members can collect stone on alliance territory and then supply it to the alliance.  

You need at least 500K power and 20+ members to build fortresses.

The maximum number of fortresses an alliance can build is three.

The first fortress that can be built is the Central fortress.

Without it, your alliance cannot build any flags.

It’s worth noting that you must destroy all fortresses in your kingdom if you want to build a fortress in KvK.

What are alliance gifts?

In ROK, players can reward their alliance members with gifts whenever they wish.

Every gift improves the General Chest for the benefit of all alliance members.

The chest contains multiple rewards.

Its drop quality increases after every 10 levels.

Alliance members have up to 24 hours to claim gifts sent to them by the Alliance panel.

How to get alliance resources

Wood, stone, food, and gold are very important resources for the alliance when playing in RoK.

To gather maximum resources the alliance can:

  • Farm inside Alliance Territory. For every member that farms, the alliance gains a percentage of their acquired resources.
  • Expand alliance territory. With more territory, members can farm more and get more resources that can be used to train troops and improve the city.
  • Build alliance flags and use them to occupy Alliance Resource Deposits inside the Alliance territory.

Alliance technology

Alliance technology is a series of technologies the alliance can unlock, giving all members useful buffs and boosts.

Alliance technologies should always be improved to keep progress going and make your alliance stronger.

The more donations that are made, the more effective alliance technologies become.

Here are the different types of technologies you can unlock and improve upon in your alliance:


War improves your powers in battle, more specifically the alliance members’ units – Siege, Infantry, Calvary, and Archers.

They attack, fight and defend the alliance against its enemies.

As they attack enemy cities, war units will enjoy boosts, including increased troop capacity, speed of assembly charge, and reduced rally time.


Territory refers to the space occupied by the alliance inside the map.

Alliance territory is usually marked by fortresses and flags.

A larger territory gives the alliance troops greater defenses, attack, and movement benefits.

Every alliance should prioritize Flag Quantity.

Flag Quantity is a technology used to maximize flag numbers your alliance can build, which helps expand alliance territory throughout the map.

This kind of technology improves the durability of all buildings built by alliance members while giving them the power to attack enemy buildings with an improved Speed of Incineration.


These are technologies focused on improving the fundamentals of the alliance, such as:

  • Increasing construction speed.
  • Increasing research speed.
  • Increasing experience obtained in battles and against barbarians.
  • Increasing resource-gathering speed for gold, food, wood, stone.  

Alliance skills

Once the alliance leader or officer activates alliance skills, the alliance can benefit from 6 unique skills.

Each of these skills affects all alliance members, giving them bonuses and improvements.

Alliance members must donate towards these unique skills each time they are to be used.

What are holy sites?

Holy sites are sacred structures that open up after every three days to give adjacent alliance territories an opportunity to attack them.

If an alliance takes control of a holy site during this period, they can occupy it for up to four hours.

Every member of the alliance will benefit from the bonuses acquired from capturing the holy site.

The buffs include increased gathering, research, and construction speed as well as attack and defense.

There are three types of holy sites that give buffs:


Alters are found in the first zone.

The altars can give the following buffs:

  • Storm: 5% increase in the training speed.
  • Wisdom: 5% increase in research speed.
  • Earth: 5% increase in building speed.
  • Flame: 3% increase in troop attack.
  • Surge: 5% increase in troop defense.


Shrines are found in the second zone.

The shrines can give the following buffs:

  • War: 10% increase in training speed and 3% increase in troop attack.
  • Radiance: 20% increase in healing speed and action point recovery.
  • Honor: 5% increase in gathering speed and rallied army attack.
  • Order: 3% increase in troop health and troop defense.


Sanctums are found in the first zone.

The Sanctums can give the following buffs:

  • Wind: 5% increase in march speed.
  • Courage: 10% increase in commander experience gain.
  • Hope: 5% increase in gathering speed.
  • Blood: 2% increase in troop health.


Alliance members can use these kinds of holy sites to move from one location to another or use targeted teleports between two different locations as long as they are connected using the passes.

Lost Temple

These sites are very important. Once an alliance leader controlling the Lost Temple becomes King, he acquires supreme power over it.

That’s everything you need to know about the alliance system in Rise of Kingdoms!

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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