Rise of Kingdoms – Teleport Guide: How To Teleport, Get Teleports, Etc.

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Teleports are objects that help you move your city to other places you want to be in the Kingdom.

Before you can teleport you need to have a teleport.

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To teleport in Rise of Kingdoms, zoom into the Kingdom and choose where you want to teleport your city by pressing ‘Teleport’ to move your city to the selected area – more info below.

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How to teleport on alliance territory

You will need teleports, either targeted or territorial, to move on alliance territory.

Before you teleport to a certain location, you should zoom out on the alliance territory to identify a good spot.

You can then use your teleport to move and join other members of your alliance.

Don’t let the fog worry you if you see any.

Once you join the other members of the alliance, it will all clear out.

How to teleport to another kingdom

You can teleport to another Kingdom using Beginner teleports, but you have to be on level 8 or below. 

If you are determined to teleport to another Kingdom, the following requirements will apply;

  • You should not be in battle. 
  • You must not belong to any Alliance.
  • Your city should be on or below level 8.
  • There are no troops outside the city
  • You should have Beginner teleports.

Types of teleports

1Random teleports – with random teleports, you can move your city to any random location inside your zone.

However, the random teleports limit you to zones where your alliance has a pass.

If your alliance lacks a pass to a certain zone, you will not be able to teleport to that zone with random teleports. 

2. Territorial teleports – territorial teleports limit you to your alliance territory.

You can move your city to any location within the alliance territory.

The good thing is that by using these teleports, you can move through different zones in your alliance even if you don’t own a pass.

In simple terms, territorial teleports give you the powers to bypass zones. 

3. Targeted teleports – with targeted teleports, you can move throughout the zone to any location that you want.

If you want to get close to an enemy city, you can do so using targeted teleports.

You will not be able to use any of these teleports when you are fighting against organized enemies during war.

How to get teleports

As you start the game, you will be given the Beginners teleports that lasts for ten days.

With them, you can move your city to any location inside and outside the Kingdom.

Here’s how to obtain Beginner teleports:

  1. Go to ‘Items’ then ‘Others’.
  2. Click on Beginner teleports.

Where to find other teleports:

Random teleports

  • Gem shop

Territorial teleports

  • Gem shop
  • Bysterious merchant

Targeted teleports

  • Gem shop
  • Mysterious merchant
  • VIP shop
  • Era breakthrough shop

You can also get teleports as a reward.

There is a lot of similarity between Beginner teleports and the other three types of teleports.

The only difference is that you cannot use the other three kinds of teleports to move your city to another Kingdom.

That’s everything you need to know about teleports and teleporting in Rise of Kingdoms!

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