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Sometimes, players wish to unlink their current Rise of Kingdoms account from the email they’ve linked it to.

Or, maybe you’ve had enough of the fantasy world of heroes and civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms, and you wish to move on by deleting the account.

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To delete/unlink your Rise of Kingdom account, you have to write an email to Rise of Kingdoms directly requesting them to close the account by removing it from their database. Currently, there is no official way to do so in the game.

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Here’s how to delete/unlink your Rise of Kingdoms.

  1. Open the email account you used to register for the game. 
  2. Write to the in-game support system using the email address: [email protected]. Make sure the subject title reads “REQUEST TO DELETE MY RISE OF KINGDOMS ACCOUNT”.
  3. Give a clear and in-depth explanation of why you need your account deleted and all your information removed from the Rise of Kingdom database. 

Understand that this strategy might not always work if you don’t have a valid or convincing reason.

Furthermore, there is no official way to delete/unlink a Rise of Kingdoms account, so there is no guarantee this will work.

Try your best to give reasonable, straightforward, and legitimate reasons for your request.  

If the process is successful and you would like to keep your progress in the game, make sure to link the RoK account to another email.

This strategy is more like a backup. If you don’t, your account will become a dead city, and all your progress may be lost.

You will have to start all over again from the beginning if you are interested in joining the game again from where you were before.

That’s how to delete/unlink your Rise of Kingdoms account!

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