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Being a team game, building or joining an alliance is one of the most important tasks in Rise of Kingdoms.

Once you click the join icon near the bottom right corner of the game screenplay, you will be able to see available alliances in your kingdom, how you can join them (you can join directly or make an application), the total strength of the alliance, and the main language spoken in that alliance.

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You will need to be in a good alliance in your kingdom to win the KVK (Kingdom versus Kingdom).

You can get alliance credits through alliance building construction, events, technology donations, help from other alliance members, daily credits, and alliance chests.

You can get individual credits in Rise of Kingdoms by participating in various events – more information below.

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What are Alliance Credits

Alliance Credits are points you and other members of your alliance can earn for the alliance.

When you help out your alliance, you get rewards and acknowledgment in the form of Alliance Credits.

The leaders and officers in your alliance can use these credits to build fortresses, flags, and advanced technological research.

Your first Centre Fortress needs 900,000 alliance credits to be created.

If your alliance is yet to be established, acquiring these credits may not be an easy task as a beginner.

As you advance in the game, though, maintaining enough alliance credits will not be challenging.

What are Individual Credits

Individual credits are points you earn for yourself through different activities, which you can then spend on items and resources.

Individual credits are the currencies you need to purchase tokens, speedups, and teleporters from the alliance shop.

By using individual credits, you can boost individual progress as you play Rise of Kingdoms.

However, the cost of purchasing items using individual credits is quite high.

How to get Alliance Credits

There are several ways to get Alliance Credits in Rise of Kingdoms:

  • Building construction – you will earn alliance credits when you build fortresses, flags, and resource points. You can earn up to 20,000 silver credits per day for the time you spend on construction. 
  • Participating in events – you can earn silver credits when you participate in events such as the Ark of Orisis. Other events will get you more or an equal amount of both silver and gold credits.
  • Technology donations – you will earn credits when you donate your resources to be used in researching the alliance’s technologies. The more resources you donate to the alliance, the more credits you earn.
  • Daily credits – as you help other members of the alliance build or improve buildings, do research on technologies, and heal troops, you will earn up to 10,000 maximum credits every day. Every time you help, the progress bar gets a 1%- or 1-minute refill. There are also other alliance technologies that can boost the progress bar more.
  • Chests – you will get gold or silver credits when you open chests from Alliance gifts. There are many ways to open chests. You can destroy the Barbarian forts, buy from the alliance, other pack members, or some events.
  • Help from members of the alliance – being a team game, the alliance gets more rewards when members help in all the activities of the alliance.

How to get Individual Credits

You can get individual credits by playing the Ark of Orisis, or participating in certain events such as claiming stars, covenant books, resistance arrows, or any type of gear.

Best things to buy with Alliance Credits

When you first earn alliance credits, it’s best to spend them on construction; flags, and fortresses.

You can also use the credits to participate in important research activities.

You can also add to the teleport shop so that other alliance members can use them to teleport within the territory.

You can spend alliance credits on:

  • Restocking items – leaders and officers of the alliance can use credits to purchase more items for the alliance shop. All alliance members can then use their individual credits to purchase the available items.
  • Building repairs – your buildings will get attacked during wars. A successful attack sets your building on fire. Eventually, the burnt building will lose its strength. Use alliance credits and gems to extinguish the fire and save the buildings under attack.
  • Research items – with enough donations, the alliance will have enough credits to carry out important research on behalf of all its members.

Best things to buy with Individual Credits

Unlike alliance credits, you can use individual credits to boost personal performance.

Individual credits can buy you:

  • Speed-ups – you should aim for 3+ hours with speed-ups. They will help you move faster and finish the game quickly. 
  • VIP points – to get to VIP 10, you will need to purchase VIP points. 
  • Teleporters – always buy teleports from an alliance shop to save on costs. 
  • Passport pages – with these you become a Free-to-Play Player and you can even relocate to another kingdom. You can choose an older, more superior kingdom if you have enough individual credits.

In general, the best thing to buy with Individual Credits are passport pages and then VIP points.

There might, however, be situations where you want to spend them differently.

If any of these items are out of stock, you can ask the leaders to restock them.

How to help your alliance grow

There are different activities and tasks you can do to help your alliance grow in power, resources, and size: participate actively and help whenever the allies need you to.

  • Try to participate in alliance events as much as you can (PVE and PVP).
  • Reinforce allies when there is a need.
  • Be informed about what is going on in the game and with brothers in the alliance.
  • Make sure you grow so that the alliance can grow too.
  • Always donate to the alliance to help with technological research.
  • Help in construction so that the alliance’s territories can increase and acquire more members.

That’s our guide on Alliance Credits and Individual Credits in Rise of Kingdoms, including how to get both of them.

If you have any input or suggestions for this guide, let us know in the comment section below.

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