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Guns and weapons are the most important part of Rust, as you will need them if you want to survive. You will have to fight not only players but scientists and animals all over the island.

As you have access to an incredibly large selection of weapons everywhere, you will probably be confused about which one is worth your time and Gun Powder. If you are going to spend hours collecting Sulfur, you should also choose the right weapon to use those bullets.

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Usually, the progression point in your playthrough will be very important to decide which weapons will work the best in Rust.

In this guide, we will tell you which weapons and guns will work best during each progression point (Workbench tier) in Rust.

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Best Weapons to Use in the Early Game in Rust

At the start of Rust, players won’t have access to a lot of weapons. You will usually have to quickly craft a Wooden Spear and use it until you can find something better. Since you can also always upgrade it to a Stone Spear, they are a decent weapon at the start.

Your goal in the first few hours of gameplay in Rust should be to get a Hunting Bow and Wooden Arrows. Though you might not hit your targets as often as you would with other weapons, the Hunting Bow is your best bet until you get a Workbench Level 1.

If you use the Hunting Bow often enough, you might even choose to use it later in the game, when you die and have to get your stuff back. Otherwise, you should try to get the Workbench as fast as possible.

Once you make the Workbench, you can quickly craft a Crossbow and use it for most encounters where you don’t have to fight at close range.

The Crossbow will usually one-shot most players if you get the headshot, so it is an amazing weapon early game.

When it comes to close-range tools, the Stone Pickaxe and Hatchet will do their jobs, but you should really not use them for combat. The Bone Knife is very useful and could even be useful in combat if you are very desperate.

Best Weapons and Guns to Use in the Mid-Game (Tier 1 – 2) in Rust

There will be a middle part in Rust where you will have to get from the tier 1 weaponry to the tier 2 ones.

During this time, you might even prefer the tier 1 weapons, as they are usually much more cost-effective and will usually require less effort to use.

Best Tier 1 Guns

Some of the best weapons and guns that you can get only using the Level 1 Workbench in Rust are the Nailgun, Eoka, and Double Barrel Shotgun. In that exact order, these weapons are your best choices in the mid-game.

The Nailgun and its nails can be crafted right after building your Workbench Level 1. You will only need Metal Fragments and Scrap to make the Nailgun and extra frags to make the nails. This weapon shouldn’t be your first choice, but it is good when your main gun or bow breaks.

The Eoka is an amazing weapon that the game describes as being “inefficient” and “unreliable.” That is a complete lie, as the Eoka has some of the best one-shot capabilities at the start of Rust.

The only problem is that it can take a while to fire, causing many players to miss, but it is very easy to craft, and it can use Handmade Shells, making it very powerful.

The only problem with those two weapons is that they have a very limited range, making the Compound Bow or Crossbow the better choices for long-range encounters. However, for base defense, the Eoka will keep you safe for a while.

Both the previous guns were available without any real investment in the Workbench tech tree, but the best tier 1 weapon is the Double Barrel Shotgun, which is relatively hard to get down the tree.

If you want to instantly take care of any competition in Rust, then the Double Barrel Shotgun is the best gun in the early to mid-game.

As long as you can make sure that you can get a full shot on someone, this weapon will always get the job done.

Best Tier 2 Guns

Unfortunately, once you get the Level 2 Workbench, things become a bit more complicated as better weapons appear.

Though they will usually require a higher investment of resources, they will usually do a very good job killing players and NPCs alike.

The best weapon/gun you can get in Rust once you go through the Level 2 Workbench is the Thompson (Tommy). It is really good at mid-range, and it can destroy most players at close range.

The Tommy can use most attachments in the game, and it becomes a killing machine with the help of an extended magazine. Since it can also use a flashlight, this weapon will probably be one of your favorites for a long time.

One of the other useful weapons you will get at this level is the Rocket Launcher, which will become your main tool for raiding bases. You should generally not use rockets in battles with players, but if you can afford it, go for it.

Unfortunately, the Rocket Launcher is very far down the tech tree, so you will need a lot of Scrap to learn how to craft it.

Best Guns to Use in the Late Game (Tier 3) in Rust

When it comes to tier 3 weapons and guns in Rust, everyone thinks of the AK (Assault Rifle). Though it is an incredibly good weapon, many consider it too much of an investment.

Since it can be hard to get to the Level 3 Workbench, many people just get it by looting high-tier monuments or by stealing them from players. Still, the AK is a great weapon that will require a lot of Sulfur farming.

The best tier 3 weapon in Rust is the HMLMG. This beast of a gun can destroy most enemies at close range and long range. Considering it is a light machine gun, you can use it in any circumstance to defeat players around you.

Though it is a very versatile weapon, the HMLMG is very expensive to craft. You will need 60 HQM, a Rifle Body, 3 Metal Springs, and 3 Gears.

The M249 is also an incredibly powerful light machine gun that, in theory, is better than the HMLMG. Though it deals a higher amount of damage and it can hold more ammunition, you can’t craft it.

However, since you can only get it from the Helicopter and APC Crate, the M2 isn’t really the best weapon that most players will use in Rust.

That’s everything you need to know about the best weapons and guns in Rust!

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