Rust – How Many C4 to Destroy Walls: Wood, Stone, and Sheet Metal

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The C4 is the strongest explosive you can use in Rust, and it will take down most structures with no effort. This is not considering the huge amount of resources you will need to invest to make them.

Though rockets have the advantage of splash damage, time explosive charges deal the highest amount of damage to single structures.

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If you want to become an amazing raider in Rust, you will need to know how many packs of C4 to bring with you on attacks.

So, here is how many C4 (timed explosive charges) you will need to destroy wood, stone, and sheet metal walls in Rust.

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How Many C4 to Destroy Wood Walls in Rust

The wood walls are some of the weakest defensive structures someone can get for their base. The fact that they are cheap, however, makes them a huge trap for rookies.

Wood walls only have 250 HP. A single C4 charge is enough to obliterate a wooden wall. Since wooden walls are so easy to break, it might be a better idea to just shoot them with explosive rounds.

So, you only need a single C4 charge to destroy a wood wall in Rust.

To make the single C4 that you need to destroy the wood wall in Rust you will need 2.2k sulfur.

How Many C4 to Destroy Stone Walls in Rust

Stone walls are one of the most common structures you will find on the map of Rust. Almost everyone uses them since stone is easy to get and it is also very resistant.

A stone wall has 500 HP. It also has increased resistance, which makes it take less damage than the wooden wall. A C4 charge will deal around 275 damage to a stone wall in Rust.

This means that you should be able to destroy any stone wall in Rust with just 2 C4 charges.

To craft the 2 C4 charges that will break the stone wall, you will need to gather at least 4.4k sulfur.

How Many C4 to Destroy Sheet Metal Walls in Rust

The sheet metal wall is one of the most powerful walls you can take down in Rust and it has a large health pool.

The sheet metal wall has 1k HP, which would normally take a while to bring down using other explosives. Sheet metal walls and stone walls take the same amount of damage from C4, which is 275.

So, you only need 4 C4 charges to destroy a sheet metal wall in Rust. For most other explosives, you might have a chance to finish off the wall with other tools. However, after using 3 C4 charges, you will still have 175 HP to take down.

To make 4 C4 charges and destroy a sheet metal wall in Rust, you will need to farm 8.8k sulfur.

That’s everything you need to know about how many rockets you need to destroy wood, stone, and sheet metal walls in Rust!

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