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There are two main resources that you will always need in Rust: wood and stone. These two are the foundation that you will have to build on every time a server gets wiped.

However, if you are new to the game and might have thrown your starter rock away and can’t pick it up anymore, you will need to get some stones.

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The easiest way to get stone in Rust without having to use tools is to just look for medium-sized rocks and pick them up for 50 stone. With a tool, you will just have to hit stone rock nodes.

If you need a more detailed explanation than that on how to get stone in Rust, then continue reading this guide.

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How to Get Stone in Rust

There are 3 types of rocks you will see while running around in Rust to get stone. The main difference between them is their size.

Pick Up Stones in Rust

Rust - How to Get Stone Pick Up Loose Rocks

You can’t pick up the small rocks that you see all around the rivers or plains. If you get close to a stone and you don’t see a button to interact with it, it means you can’t pick it up.

However, there are medium-sized rocks that you can pick up to get 50 stone. Once you pick up one and learn exactly how it looks, you will be able to see them from miles away.

If you see one of these rocks, approach it, and you will see a text that says “Stone” appears. This means that players can pick up that rock and get 50 stone.

Mine for Stone

Rust - How to Get Stone Mine

The most common way to get stone in Rust is to just mine rock nodes. These larger rocks, bigger than the lootable ones from earlier, have a special shine to them that makes them stand out.

If you approach a large stone and you see it shining, as shown in the image above, then it means you can mine it. Depending on how the rock looks, you will get different resources.

If it is a plain, white rock, same as in the screenshot above, then you will get stone from it. Otherwise, you are likely to get some of the other resources (sulfur and metal) obtainable through mining.

To mine the rock, use a stone or pickaxe and hit the rock where it is shining. You will get around 25 to 50% more stone by hitting the shining spots.

Once you hit a shining spot, it will move, and you will have to hit it in its new location for the extra resources.

The maximum amount of stone you can get from a rock node in Rust is 1k stone. Using a simple rock to mine will only yield around 300 to 400 stone.

How to Use a Stone Mining Quarry

The last source of stone in Rust is the Stone Quarry which is present on all of the maps. There are usually three quarries and you can find their location by opening the map and looking around.

Usually, there will be a lot of players that use these locations to get resources. However, if you get to one and no one is around, here is how you can use it to get a lot of stone:

  1. Place Diesel in one of the blue barrels next to the quarry.
  2. Climb upstairs and start the engine.
  3. Collect the stone and metal that the quarry has produced from one of the barrels below.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get stone in Rust!

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