Rust – How Many Machetes Do You Need to Destroy a Wood Door?

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The Machete is one of the easiest-to-craft melee weapons in Rust, which makes it one of the best choices at the start of the game to steal other people’s hard-earned loot.

The most common type of door at the start of a server is the Wooden Door, which is very easy to destroy. Since Machetes are easy to make and you will probably have one or two on you, it would be nice to know how many you need to destroy a Wooden Door.

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Machetes aren’t the most powerful weapons in the game, but they should be able to take down a Wooden Door with enough effort and time, right?

Here is the exact amount of Machetes needed to destroy a Wooden Door in Rust and whether you should swing or throw them at the structure.

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How Many Machetes Do You Need to Destroy a Wooden Door in Rust?

A normal Wooden Door in Rust has 200 HP. Though it might sound like a lot, the Wooden Door is weaker than most other structures, as wooden structures in Rust, in general, are less resistant to damage.

A single Machete that you use, until it breaks down, will deal around 13 to 14 HP damage to the door. This means that you will need 15 Machetes to destroy a Wooden Door in Rust.

Since doors also gain 50% more defense when they are open, you should also know that you would need 23 Machetes to destroy an open Wooden Door.

To craft a Machete, you will need 100 Wood and 40 Metal Fragments. This means that you will need 1,500 Wood and 600 Metal Frags to break down a Wooden Door with Machetes.

Since you will most likely have to destroy two doors, make sure you bring double the specified amount.

Surprisingly, the Machete is the 4th fastest melee weapon to use to destroy Wooden Doors in Rust, only defeated by very high-quality items such as the Longsword, Salvaged Sword, and Chainsaw.

It will take you around 6 minutes and 30 seconds to destroy a Wooden Door with Machetes if you continuously change them when they break down.

The Chainsaw, which is the fastest choice, is only going to destroy the Wooden Door in around 4 minutes.

Should You Hit or Throw Machetes at a Wooden Door?

Usually, with most melee weapons, you will have to make a choice between swinging them or throwing them.

Throwing a melee weapon deals more damage to players, NPCs, and structures, than it would if you swung it.

When it comes to throwing Machetes at a Wooden Door to destroy it, the same statement is true. You can destroy a Wooden Door in Rust with 14 Machetes if you were to throw them. This isn’t a huge difference from the number you need to use when swinging.

The disadvantage of throwing appears when you realize how long this would take. You will need at least 17 minutes. So, even though you use one less Machete and you save 100 Wood and 40 Metal Frags, you lose 10 extra minutes of your life.

So, you should only attack Wooden Doors at close range with Machetes and not throw them since that would be a huge waste of time.

That’s everything you need to know about how many Machetes you need to destroy a Wooden Door in Rust!

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