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One of the biggest markets on Steam is the Rust weapon, armor, and furniture skin market. A lot of creators come up with new skins for players to buy, trade, and equip in-game every day.

However, if you are new to the game, then you probably have no idea how to get new skins in Rust. You just randomly happen to find some new skins in your inventory every time you open the game.

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Well, there are many sources where players can try to get skins, but, unfortunately, the real answer is known to most.

The best way to get weapons, armor, and general skins in Rust is to buy them in the Steam Market.

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How to Get Skins in Rust

There are three acceptable ways to get skins in Rust, as intended by the developers:

  • Buy them from the Item Store/Steam Market
  • Randomly get them from Crates
  • Random Drops

The normal and intended way to get skins in Rust is by opening the Steam Workshop and searching for Rust skins.

There will be a lot of clothing skins, weapons/tool skins, and furniture skins. On the Steam Workshop, you can also find skins that are being considered to get into the game, on which you will have to vote.

The Steam Workshop has the largest collection of skins with the nicest presentation. You can also find the same skins inside the Steam Market, but they aren’t presented in the same organized manner.

Players can also find a really small inventory of skins inside the game by selecting the Item Store option in the main menu.

But yes, if you were wondering, this means that most skins in Rust are only obtainable with real money.

How Skin Crates Work and How to Get Some in Rust

The most popular source of skins in Rust is the crates. They are Rust’s way of implementing gambling for players.

There are 4 crates that you can craft or buy in Rust that will give you random skins based on the rarity of the crate:

  • Low Quality Bag
  • High Quality Crate
  • High Quality Bag
  • Weapon Barrel

These are ordered based on their general price. You can buy these crates from the Steam Market, but you can also craft them using wood, cloth, and metal.

No, these are not the resources you get while playing, these are resources that you gain from destroying skins you already own. Or, you can get them by buying them on the Steam Market.

Based on the price and general “quality” of the crates, you would think that the Low Quality Bag is the worst, cheap crate, while the Weapon Barrel is the best, most expensive crate.

However, based on the results of the community throughout the years, there is only one crate that you should ever attempt to open: High Quality Crate.

All the other ones usually have really bad results. The Weapon Barrel especially. And that is horrible, thinking that it is the most expensive one out of the bunch.

If you ever randomly get your hands on a Low Quality Bag, High Quality Bag, or Weapon Barrel, you are better off selling them on the Steam Market.

How to Get Free Skins in Rust by Playing

Players have also gotten skins in Rust just by playing. However, nobody has been able to figure out if there is a system for how the drops are given.

Some players have reported playing for more than 1k hours and still haven’t received any skins, while others say that they got one in their first hours.

This is not a surefire way, but it is good to know that if you check your inventory from time to time you might have gotten a Rust skin.

That’s everything you need to know about how to get skins in Rust!

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