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The most powerful defensive structure you can get in your base in Rust is the Auto Turret. This machine can become a total beast if you equip it with the right weapons and actually plug it in.

The Auto Turret doesn’t work without electricity, which means you can’t just buy one out on a whim from the Outpost and then place it in your base. You will need to plan a bit ahead and make sure that you have the necessary power requirements to make it work.

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Luckily, the Auto Turret doesn’t require a lot of power to start. One of the hardest things to do is to actually make it work 24/7, as your Solar Panels can’t keep them alive at night.

To make an Auto Turret work in Rust, you will need to feed it 10 Power. That is a very low requirement compared to some other electrical items. A single Solar Panel should be good enough to keep a Turret working during the day.

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How Much Power Does an Auto Turret Need in Rust?

An Auto Turret needs 10 Power in Rust to work. This amount of power is easy to produce during the day, using a Solar Panel, but can be relatively hard to keep up during the night.

In general, you should assume that a Solar Panel produces around 10 Power during the day, as very often they don’t reach that 20 Power output. This means that you would have to set up at least one Solar Panel for each Auto Turret that you want to use.

Another reason why you should use more than enough Solar Panels (or Windmills) is that you also need to feed your Battery.

With the help of a Blocker, you can set up an electrical system where you can both keep your Turrets working and feed your Battery to prepare it for the night.

To set up a fully functioning electrical circuit that will make an Auto Turret work all night, you will need at least 2 Solar Panels and a Medium Rechargeable Battery. Otherwise, your solar-powered Turret will only work in the morning.

Remember that all the in-between items in the circuit, such as the Blockers and the Combiners, use 1 Power, so plan accordingly.

If you try to make a complex system to feed your Turrets, try to plan out how all of the power will go beforehand.

That’s everything you need to know about how much power to use an Auto Turret in Rust!

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