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One of the best methods of transport in Rust has to be the horse. You can easily get from one place to another without having to use fuel at every corner.

However, horses need food to survive. Otherwise, they will decay and die in no time. Luckily, feeding them is a relatively easy task.

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To feed a horse in Rust, all you need to do is throw food on the ground next to it. The horse will eat any type of food that is on the ground around it.

You can also build a trough where you can place food and leave your horse next to it. Doing this will result in your horse eating from the trough whenever possible.

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How to Feed a Horse in Rust

There are two ways to feed a horse in Rust:

  • Throw food on the ground next to them
  • Put food in a trough and place the horse next to it

The first method is perfect when you are out in the field or if you haven’t built a trough yet. Just open your inventory and drag food out of your inventory to throw it.

If the horse is next to it, it will eat it. You can also do this while riding the horse. Just stop it from moving, throw food from your inventory, and the horse will eat it if you wait a bit.

Unfortunately, this method is only useful when you are online. However, your dear horse will suffer from decay when you leave it alone, and it will most likely die if you don’t take care of it when you aren’t playing.

This is why you will have to build a trough for 200 wood. You can find this craftable food storage in the Crafting menu in the Items category.

Place the trough where you want to leave your horse when you get offline and place food inside of it. To get the horse to eat from it, just dismount it facing the trough.

Now, the only problem is what type of food you place in the trough and how much. If you leave little food or food that doesn’t fulfill the needs of the horse, it will die the next time you log back on.

Best Food for a Horse in Rust

The horses in Rust have two stats:

  • Stamina
  • Health

Both of these stats will decay over time. If one of them reaches 0, the horse dies. Many players have often found their horses dead even though they filled the trough because they used the wrong type of food.

If a horse needs health and all the food you provided in the trough increases stamina, the horse will just keep eating the food, even though it is at full stamina, and then die due to decay in health.

This is why many players end up losing both the horse and the food they placed in the trough. Luckily, there are many foods that increase both health and stamina.

If you fill the trough with these food types, then your horses will never die, even if you place two of them at a single trough. These are the best food types you should use to feed your horse at a trough in Rust:

  • Potato
  • Pumpkin
  • Pickles

The best food to use for your horse is potatoes. They are relatively easy to grow, and they have the best stats for increasing both stamina and health. Potatoes actually have the highest stamina regeneration rate in Rust.

The second best choice has to be pumpkins since they are everywhere in the world, and you can easily get them to your trough.

If you don’t like to raise crops and don’t want to travel around rivers in search of pumpkins, the best food choice for your horse would be pickles.

You can get huge batches of pickles from the Bandit Camp vendors and then give them to the horses. Since you can then sell the horse manure later back in the camp, you will actually profit from your pickle horse farm.

That’s everything you need to know about how to feed your horse in Rust!

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